deserve to lie here and freeze and starve and die!”cried Jill, piling up punishments in her remorseful anguish of mindand body.
“But we want to help you, and we can settle about blame by andby,” whispe nike air max sale red Merry with a kiss; for she adored dashing Jill, andnever would own that she did wrong.
“Here come the wood-sleds just in time. I’ll cut away and tell oneof them to hurry up.” And, freeing himself from his sisters, Guswent off at a great pace, proving that the long legs carried asensible head as well as a kind heart.
As the first sled approached, an air of relief pervaded the agitatedparty, for it was driven by Mr. Grant, a big, benevolent-lookingfarmer, who surveyed the scene with the sympathetic interest of aman and a father.
“Had a little accident, have you? Well, that’s a pretty likely placefor a spill. Tried it once myself and broke the bridge of my nose,”he said, tapping that massive feature with a laugh which showedthat fifty years of farming had not taken all the boy out of him.
“Now then, let’s see abou cheap nike air max t this little chore, and lively, too, for it’slate, and these parties ought to be housed,” he added, throwingdown his whip, pushing back his cap, and nodding at the woundedwith a reassuring smile.
“Jill first, please, sir,” said Ed, the gentle squire of dames,spreading his overcoat on the sled as eagerly as ever Raleigh laiddown his velvet cloak for a queen to walk upon.
“All right. Just lay easy leopard print nike , my dear, and I won’t hurt you a mite if Ican help it.”Careful as Mr. Grant was, Jill could have screamed with pain as helifted her; but she set her lips and bore it with the courage of alittle Indian; for all the lads were looking on, and Jill was proud toshow that a girl could bear as much as a boy. She hid her face inthe coat as soon as she was settled, to hide the tears that wouldcome, and by the time Jack was placed besid nike air max e her, she had quite alittle cistern of salt water stored up in Ed’s coat-pocket.
Then the mournful procession set forth, Mr. Grant driving theoxen, the girls clustering about the interesting invalids on the sled,while the boys came behind like a guard of honor, leaving the hilldeserted by all but Joe, who had returned to hover about the fatalfence, and poor “Thunderbolt,” split asunder, lying on the bank tomark the spot where the great catastrophe occurred.
Chapter 2
Two PenitentsJack and Jill never cared to say much about the night whichfollowed the first coasting party of the season, for it was thesaddest and the hardest their short lives had ever known. Jacksuffered most in body; for the setting of nike air max 90 sale the broken leg was such apainful job, that it wrung several sharp cries from him, and madeFrank, who helped, quite weak nike air max classic and white with sympathy, when itwas over. The wounded head ached dreadfully, and the poor boyfelt as if bruised all over, for he had the worst of the fall. Dr.
Whiting spoke cheerfully of the case, and made so light of brokenlegs, that Jack innocently asked if he should not be up in a week orso.
“Well, no; it usually takes twenty-one days for bones to knit, andyoung ones make quick work of it,” answered the doctor, with alast scientific tuck to the various bandages, which made Jack feellike a leopard print nike air max hapless chicken trussed for the spit.
“Twenty-one days! Three whole weeks in bed! I shouldn’t call thatquick work,” groaned the dismayed patient, whose experience ofillness had been limited.
“It is a forty days job, young man, and you must make up yourmind to bear it like a hero. We will do our best; but next time, lookbefore nike air max 90 you leap, and save your bones. Good-night; you’ll feelbetter in the morning. No leopard print nike blazers jigs, remember”; and off went the busydoctor for another look at Jill, who had been ordered to bed andleft to rest till the other case was attended to.
Anyone would have thought Jack’s plight much the worse, but thedoctor looked more sober over Jill’s hurt back than the boy’scompound fractures; and the poor little girl had a very bad quarterof an hour while he was trying to discover the extent 0f the injury,”Keep her quiet, and time will show how much damage is done,”was all he said in her hearing; but if she had known that he toldMrs. Pecq he feared serious consequences, she would not havewondered why her mother cried as she rubbed the numb limbs andpaced the pillows so tenderly.
Jill suffered most in her mind; for only a sharp stab of pai cheap nike air max n nowand then reminded her of her body; but her remorseful little soulgave her no peace for thinking of Jack, whose bruises andbreakages her lively fancy painted in the darkest colors.
“Oh, don’t be good to me, Mammy; I made him go, and now he’shurt dreadfully, and may die; and it is all my fault, and everybodyought to hate me,” sobbed poor Jill, as a neighbor left the roomafter reporting in a minute manner how Jack screamed when hisleg was set, and how Frank was found white as a sheet, with hishead under the pump, while Gus restored the tone of his friend’snerves, by pumping as if the house was on fire.
“Whist, my lass, and go to sleep. Take a sup of the good wine Mrs.
Minot sent, for you are as cold as a clod, and it breaks my heart tosee my Janey so.””I can cheap nike air max trainers ‘t go to sleep; I don’t see how Jack’s mother could send myanything when I’ve half killed him. I want to be cold and ache andhave horrid things done to me. Oh, if I ever get out of this bed I’llbe the best girl in the world, to pay for this. See if I ain t!” and Jillgave such a decided nod that her tears flew all about the pillowlike a shower.
“You d better begin at once, for you won’t get out of that bed for along while, I m afraid, my lamb,” sighed her mother, unable toconceal the anxiety that lay so heavy on her heart.
“Am I hurt badly, Mammy?””I fear it, lass.””I’m glad of it; I ought to be worse than Jack, and I hope I am. I’llbear it well, and be good right away. Sing, Mammy, and I’ll try togo to sleep to please you.”Jill shut her eyes with sudden and unusual meekness, and beforeher mother had crooned half a dozen verses of an old ballad, thelittle black head lay still upon the pillow, and repentant Jill wasfast asleep with a red mitten in her hand.
Mrs. Pecq was an Englishwoman who had left Montreal at thedeath of her husband, a Fre nike air max 95 nch Canadian, and had come to live inthe tiny cottage which stood near Mrs. Minot’s big house,separated only by an arbor-vitae hedge. A sad, silent person, whohad seen better days, but said nothing about them, and earned herbread by sewing, nursing, work in the factory, or anything thatcame in her way, being anxious to educate her little girl. Now, asshe sat beside the bed in the small, poor room, that hope almostdied within her, for here was the ch nike air max 1 ild laid up for months,probably, and the one ambition and pleasure of the solitarywoman’s life was to see Janey Pecq’s name over all the high marksin the school-reports she proudly brought home.
“She’ll win through, please Heaven, and I’ll see my lass agentlewoman yet, thanks to the good friend in yonder, who willnever let her want for care,” thought the poor soul, looking out intothe gloom where a long ray of light streamed from the great housewarm fake nike air max uk

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