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with her spoiled child’s persistency, had come back tothe question of the chinchilla cloak. It was the only one shehad seen that she fancied in the very least, and as she hadn’t adecent fur garment left to her name she was naturally insomewhat of a hurry … but, of course, if Susy had beenchoosing that model for a friend ….
Susy, leaning back against her cushions, examined through half-closed lids Mrs. Vanderlyn’s small delicately-restoredcountenance, which wore the same e nike air max xpression of childisheagerness as when she discoursed of the young Davenant of themoment. Once again Susy remarked that, in Ellie’s agitatedexistence, every interest appeared to be on exactly the sameplane.
“The poor shivering dear,” she answered laughing, “of course itshall have its nice warm winter cloak, and I’ll choose anotherone instead.””Oh, you darling, you! If you would! Of course, whoever youwere ordering it for need never know ….””Ah, you can’t comfort yourself with that, I’m afraid. I’vealready told you that I was ordering it for myself.” Susypaused to savour to the full Ellie’s look of blank bewilderment;then her amusement was checked by an indefinable change in herfriend’s expression.
“Oh, dearest–seriously? I didn’t know there was someone ….”Susy flushed to the forehead. A horror of humiliationoverw nike air max 90 helmed her. That Ellie should dare to think that of her–that anyone should dare to!
“Someone buying chinchilla cloaks for me? Thanks!” she flaredout. “I suppose I ought to be glad that the idea didn’timmediately occur to you. At least there was a decent intervalof doubt ….” She stood up, laughing again, and began towander about the room. In the mirror above the mantel shecaught sight of her flushed angry face, and of Mrs. Vanderlyn’sdisconcerted stare. She turned toward her friend.
“I suppose everybody else will think it if you do; so perhapsI’d better explain.” She p nike air max sale aused, and drew a quick breath.
“Nick and I mean to part–have parted, in fact. He’s decidedthat the whole thing was a mistake. He will probably; marryagain soon–and so shall I.”She flung the avowal out breathlessly, in her nervous dread ofletting cheap nike air max trainers Ellie Vanderlyn think for an instant longer that anyother explanation was conceivable. She had not meant to be soexplicit; but once the words were spoken she was not altogethersorry. Of course people would soon begin to wonder why she wasagain straying about the world alone; and since it was by Nick’schoice, why should she not say so? Remembering the burninganguish of those last hours in Venice she asked herself whatpossible consideration she owed to the man who had so humbledher.
Ellie Vanderlyn glanced at her cheap nike air max in astonishment. “You? You andNick–are going to part?” A light appeared to dawn on her.
“Ah–then that’s why he sent me back my pin, I suppose?””Your pin?” Susy wondered, not at once remembering.
“The poor little scarf-pin I gave him before I left Venice. Hesent it back almost at once, with the oddest note- air max 2013 -just: ‘Ihaven’t earned it, really.’ I couldn’t think why he didn’t carefor the pin. But, now I suppose it was because you and he hadquarrelled; though really, even so, I can’t see why he shouldbear me a grudge ….”Susy’s quick blood surged up. Nick had sent back the pin-thefatal pin! And she, Susy, had kept the bracelet–locked it upout of sight, shrunk away from the little packet whe cheap nike air max never herhand touched it in packing or unpacking–but never thought ofreturning it, no, not once! Which of the two, she wondered, hadbeen right? Was it not an indirect slight to her that Nickshould fling back the gift to poor uncomprehending Ellie? Orwas it not rather another proof of his finer moralsensitiveness! … And how could one tell, in their bewilderingworld, “It was not because we’ve quarrelled; we haven’tquarrelled,” she said sl owly, moved by the sudden desire todefend her privacy and Nick’s, to screen from every eye theirlast bitter hour together. “We’ve nike air max 2013 simply decided that ourexperiment was impossible-for two paupers.””Ah, well–of course we all felt that at the time. And nowsomebody else wants to marry you! And it’s your trousseau youwere choosing that cloak for?” Ellie cried in incredulousrapture; then she flung her arms about Susy’s shrinkingshoulders. “You lucky lucky girl! You clever clever darling!
But who on earth can he be?”And it was then that Susy, for the first time, had pronouncedthe name of Lord Altringham.
“Streff–Streff? Our dear old Streff, You mean to say he wantsto marry you?” As the news took possession of her mind Elliebecame dithyrambic. “But, my dearest, what a miracle of luck!
Of course I always knew he was awful nike air max classic ly gone on you: FredDavenant used to say so, I remember … and even Nelson, who’sso stupid about such things, noticed it in Venice …. But thenit was so different. No one could possibly have thought ofmarrying him then; whereas now of course every woman is tryingfor him. Oh, Susy, whatever you do, don’t miss your chance!
You can’t conceive of the wicked plotting and intriguing therewill be to get him–on all sides, and even where one lea nike air max 95 stsuspects it. You don’t know what horrors women will do-andeven girls!” A shudder ran through her at the thought, and shecaught Susy’s wrists in vehement fingers. “But I can’t think,my dear, why you don’t announce your engagement at once. Peopleare beginning to do it, I assure you–it’s so much safer!”Susy looked at her, wondering. Not a word of sympathy for theruin of her brief bliss, not even a gleam of curiosity as to itscause! No doubt Ellie Vanderlyn, like all Susy’s other friends,had long since “discounted” the brevity of her dream, andperhaps planned a sequel to it before she herself had seen theglory fading. Nike Air Max She and Nick had spent the greater part of theirfew weeks together under Ellie Vanderlyn’s roof; but to Ellie,obviously, the fact meant no more than her own escapade, at thesame moment, with young Davenant’s supplanter–the “bounder”whom Strefford had never named. Her one thought for her friendwas that Susy should at last secure her prize–her incredibleprize. And therein at any rate Ellie showed the kind of cold nike air max 90 sale disinterestedness that raised her above the smiling perfidy ofthe majority of her kind. At least her advice was sincere; andperhaps it was wise. Why should Susy not let every one knowthat she meant to marry Strefford as soon as the “formalities”were fulfilled?
She did not immediately answer Mrs. Vanderlyn’s question; andthe latter, repeating it, added impatiently: “I don’tunderstand you; if Nick agrees-“”Oh, he agrees,” said Susy.
“Then what more do you want! Oh, Susy, if you’d only follow myexample!””Your example?” Susy paused, weighed the word, was struck bysomething embarrassed, arch yet half-apologetic in her friend’sexpression. “Your example?” she repeated. “Why, Ellie, what onearth do you mean? Not that you’re going to part from poorNelson?”Mrs. Vanderlyn met her reproachful gaze with a crystallineglance. “I don’ nike air max 1 t want to, heaven knows–poor dear Nelson! Iassure you I simply hate it. He’s always such an angel toClarissa … and then we’re used to each other. But what in theworld am I to do? Algie’s so rich, so appallingly rich, that Ihave to be perpetually on the watch to keep other women awayfrom him–and it’s too exhausting ….””Algie?”Mrs. Vanderlyn’s

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