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alcollections of England had yielded up their best examples of thegreat portrait painter’s work, and the private view at the PetitPalais was to be the social event of the afternoon. Everybody–Strefford’s everybody and Susy’s–was sure to be there; andthese, as she knew, were the occasions that revived Strefford’sintermittent interest in art. He really liked picture shows asmuch as the races, if one could be sure of seeing as many peoplethere. With Nick how different it would have been! Nick hatedopenings and varnishing days, and worldly aesthetics in general;he would have waited till the tide of fashion had ebbed, andslipped off with Susy to see the pictures some morning when theywere sure to have the place to themse tiffany co engagement rings lves.
Bu cheap tiffany t Susy divined that there was another reason for Strefford’ssuggestion. She had never yet shown herself with him publicly,among their own group of people: now he had determined that sheshould do so, and she knew why. She had humbled his pride; hehad understood, and forgiven her. But she still continued totreat him as she had always treated the Strefford of old,Charlie Strefford, dear old negligible impecunious Streff; andhe wanted to show her, ever so casually and adroitly, that theman who had asked her to marry him was no longer St tiffany co terminal 5 refford, butLord Altringham.
At the very threshold, his Ambassador’s greeting marked thedifference: it was followed, wherever they turned, byejaculations of welcome from the rulers of the world they movedin. Everybody rich enough or titled enough, or clever enough orstupid enoug tiffany co bracelet h, to have forced a way into the social citadel, wasthere, waving and flag-flying from the battlements; and to allof them Lord Altringham had become a marked figure. Duringtheir slow progress through the dense mass of important peoplewho made the approach to the pictures so well worth fightingfor, he never left Susy’s side, or failed to make her feelherself a part of his triumphal advance. She heard her namementioned: “Lansing–a Mrs. Lansing–an American … SusyLansing? Yes, of course …. You remember her? At Newport, AtSt. Moritz? Exactly…. Divorced already? They say so …
Susy darling! I’d no idea you were here … and LordAltringham! You’ve forgotten me, I know, Lord Altringham ….
Yes, last year, in Cairo … or at Newport … or in Scotland… Susy, dearest, when will you b tiffany co 925 ring Lord Altringham to dine? Any night that you and he are free I’ll arrange to be ….””You and he”: they were “you and he” already!
“Ah, there’s one of them–of my great-grandmothers,” Streffordexplained, giving a last push that drew him and Susy to thefront rank, before a tall isolated portrait which, by sheermajesty of presentment, sat in its great carved golden frame ason a throne above the other pictures.
Susy read on the scroll beneath it: “The Hon’ble Diana Lefanu,fifteent tiffany co h Countess of Altringham”–and heard Strefford say: “Doyou remember? It hangs where you noticed the empty space abovethe mantel-piece, in the Vandyke room. They say Reynoldsstipulated that it should be put with the Vandykes.”She had never before heard him speak of his possessions, whetherancestral or merely material, in just that full and satisfiedtone of voice: the tiffany co careers rich man’s voice. She saw that he wasalready feeling the influence of his surroundings, that he wasglad the portrait of a Countess of Altringham should occupy thecentral place in the principal room of the exhibition, that thecrowd about it should be denser there than before any of theother pictures, and that he should be standing there with Susy,letting her feel, and letting all the people about them guess,that the day she chose she could wear the same name as hispictured ancestress.
On the way back to her hotel, Strefford made no farther allusionto their future; they chatted like old comrades in theirrespectiv tiffany uk sale e corners of the taxi. But as the carriage stopped ather door he said: “I must go back to England the day after to-morrow, worse luck! Why not dine with me to-night at theNouveau Luxe? I’ve got to have the Amb tiffany and co assador and Lady Ascot,with their youngest girl and my old Dunes aunt, the DowagerDuchess, who’s over here hiding from her creditors; but I’ll tryto get two or three amusing men to leaven the lump. We might goon to a boite afterward, if you’re bored. Unless the dancingamuses you more ….”She understood that he had decided to hasten his departurerather than linger on in uncertainty; she also remembered havingheard the Ascots’ youngest daughter, Lady Joan Senechal, spokenof as one of the prettiest girls of the season; and she recalledthe almost exaggerated warmth of the Ambassador’s greeting atthe private view.
“Of course I’ll come, Streff dear!” she cried, with an effort atgaiety that sounded successful to her own strained ears, andreflected itself in the sudden lighting up of his face.
She waved a good-bye from the step, saying to herself, as shelooked after him: “He’ll drive me home to-night, and I shallsay ‘yes’; an tiffany uk d then he’ll kiss me again. But the next time itwon’t be nearly as disagreeable.”She turned into the hotel, glanced automatically at the emptypigeon-hole for letters under her key-hook, and mounted thestairs following the same train of images. “Yes, I shall say’yes’ to-night,” she repeated firmly, her hand on the door ofher room. “That is, unless, they’ve brought up a letter ….”She never re-entered the hotel without imagining that the lettershe had not found below had already been brought up.
Opening the door, she turned on the light and sprang to thetable on which her correspondence sometimes awaited her.
The tiffany co jewelry sale re was no letter; but the morning papers, still unread, layat hand, and glancing listlessly down the column whichchronicles the doings of society, she read:
“After an extended cruise in the AEgean and the Black Sea ontheir steam-yacht Ibis, Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer Hicks and theirdaughter are established at the Nouveau Luxe in Rome. They havelately had the honour of entertaining at dinner the ReigningPrince of T tiffany sale eutoburger-Waldhain and his mother the PrincessDowager, with their suite. Among those invited to meet theirSerene Highnesses were the French and Spanish Ambassadors, theDuchesse de Vichy, Prince and Princess Bagnidilucca, LadyPenelope Pantiles–” Susy’s eye flew impatiently on over thelong list of titles–“and Mr. Nicholas Lansing of New York, whohas been cruising with Mr. and Mrs. Hicks on the Ibis for thelast few months.”
Chapter 20
THE Mortimer Hickses were in Rome; not, as they would in formertimes have been, in one of the antiquated hostelries of thePiazza di Spagna or the Porta del Popolo, where of old they hadso gaily defied fever and nourished themselves on local colour;but spread out, with all the ostentation of philistinemillionaires, under the piano nobile ceilings of one of thehigh-perched “Palaces,” wher tiffany co outlet fake e, as Mrs. Hicks shamelesslydeclared, they could “rely on the plumbing,” and “have theprivilege of over-

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