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WE left Harry, the faithful nike air max 90 sale servant, whose ministerial functions had been employed in elevating the souls of Marston’s property, being separated from his wife and nike air max 90 sold to Mr. M’Fadden. M’Fadden is a gentleman–we do not impugn the name, in a southern sense–of that class–very large class–who, finding the laws of their own country too oppressive for their liberal thoughts, seek a republican’s home in ours. It is to such men, unhap pily, the vices of slavery are open. They grasp them, apply them to purposes most mercenary, most vile. The most hardened of foreigners-that essence of degraded outcasts,–may, under the privileges of slavery, turn human misery into the means of making money. He has no true affiliations with the people of the south, nor can he feel aught beyond a selfish interest in the prosperity of the State; but he can be active in the work of evil. With the foreigner–we speak from observation–affecting love of liberty at home, it would seem, only makes him the greater tyrant when slavery gives him power to execute its inhuman trusts. Mr. Lawrence M’Fadden is one of this description of persons; he will make a fortune in the South, and live a gentleman in the North– perhaps, at home on his own native Isle. Education he h nike air max as none; moral principle he never enjoyed,–never expects to. He is a tall, athletic man, nearly six feet two inches in height, with extremely broad, stooping shoulders, and always walks as if he were meditating some speculation. His dress is usually of southern red-mixed homespun,–a dress which he takes much pride in wearing, in connection with a black brigand hat, which gives his broad face, projecting cheek-bones, and blunt chin, a look of unmistakeable sullenness. Add to this a low, narrow forehead, generally covered with thick tufts of matted black hair, beneath which two savage eyes incessantly glare, and, reader, you have the repulsive personification of the man. Mr. M’Fadden has bought a preacher,–an article with the very best kind of a soul,–which he would send to his place in the cou nike air max sale ntry. Having just sent the article to the rail-road, he stands in a neighbouring bar-room, surrounded by his cronies, who are joining him in a social glass, discussing the qualities of the article preacher. We are not favoured with the point at issue; but we hear Mr. Lawrence M’Fadden say, with great force,–“Preachers are only good property under certain circumstances; and if them circumstances ain’t just so, it won’t do to buy ’em. Old aristocrat rice planters may make a good thing or two on ’em, because they can make ’em regulate the cummin’ o’ their property, and make it understand what the Lord says about minding their masters.” For his-Mr. Lawrence M’Fadden’s-own part, he wouldn’t give seven coppers for the thinking part of any property, having no belief in that fa air max 90 sale shionable way of improving its value. “My preacher has been nicely packed up and sent off in advance,” he says, wiping his mouth with his coat sleeve, and smacking his lips, as he twirls his glass upon the zinc counter, shakes hands with his friends-they congratulate him upon the good bargain in his divine-and proceeds to the railroad dep“t. Harry has arrived nearly two hours in advance,–delivered in good condition, as stated in a receipt which he holds in his hand, and which purports to be from the baggage-master. “Ah! here you are,” says M’Fadden, taking the paper from Harry’s hand, as he enters the luggage-room. “Take good care on ye,–I reckon I will!” He looks down upon him with an air of satisfaction. The poor p cheap nike air max reacher-the soul-glowing property-is yet chained, hand and foot. He sits upon the cold floor, those imploring eyes swelling at the thought that freedom only awaits him in another world. M’Fadden takes a little flask from his breast pocket, and, with a motion of kindness, draws the cork, passes it to him. “It’s whiskey!” he says; “take a drop-do ye good, old feller.” Quietly the man passes it to his lips, and moistens his mouth. “No winking and blinking-it’s tip-top stuff,” enjoins M’Fadden; “don’t get it every day.”
Mr. M’Fadden will take a little himself. “Glad to find ye here, all straight!” he mutters, taking the cheap nike air max trainers flask from his mouth. He had returned the receipt to his property; and, having gratified his appetite a little, he begins to take a more perspective view of his theological purchase.
“Yes, master; I am here!” He again holds up his chained hands, drops his face upon his knees; as much as to say, be sure I am all safe and sound.
Looking at the receipt again, and then at his preacher, “Guess ‘hain’t made a bad rap cheap nike air max 90 on ye’ to-day!” he ejaculates, taking out his pocket-book and laying away the precious paper as carefully as if it were a hundred dollar note. “Should like to have bought your old woman and young ‘uns, but hadn’t tin enough. And the way stock’s up now, ain’t slow! Look up here, my old buck! just put on a face as bright and smooth as a full moon-no sulkin’. Come along here.”
The manacled preacher turns upon his hands, gets up as best he can-M’Fadden kindly assists by taking hold of his shoulder-and follows his purchaser to the platform,–like a submissive animal goaded to the very flesh, but chained, lest it make some show of resentment. “Good heap o’ work in ye’, old chuck; had a master what didn’t understand bringing on’t out, though!” mutters M’Fadden, as he introduces Harry to the negro car, at the same time casting a nike air max 95 look of satisfaction at the brakeman standing at his left hand ready to receive the freight.
In the car-a dungeon-like box about ten feet square, the only aperture for admitting light being a lattice of about eight inches square, in the door-are three rough negro men and one woman, the latter apparently about twenty years of age.
“Got a tall chap here, boys! Make ye stand round some, in pickin’ time; and can preach, too.” M’Fadden shakes his head exultingly! “Can put in the big licks preachin’; and I’ze goin’ t’ let ‘im, once in a while. Goin’ t’ have good times on my place, boys–ha’h! Got a jug of whiskey to have a fandango when ye gits home. Got it somewhere, I knows.” Mr. M’Fadden exults over the happy times his boys have at home. He shakes himself all over, like a polar bear just out of the water, and laughs heartily nike air max 1 . He has delivered himself of something that makes everybody else laugh; the mania has caught upon his own subtle self. The negroes laugh in expressive cadences, and shrug their shoulders as Mr. M’Fadden continues to address them so sportively, so familiarly. Less initiated persons might have formed very satisfactory opinions of his character. He takes a peep under one of the seats, and with a rhapsody of laughter draws forth a small jug. “You can’t come the smuggle over me, boys! I knew ye had a shot somewhere,” he exclaims. At his bidding, the woman hands him a gourd, from which he very deliberately helps himself to a stout draught.
“Sit down here!-Isaac, Abraham, Daniel, or whatever yer name is-Mr. M’Fadden addresses himself to his preacher. Ye’ll get yer share on’t when ye gits to my place.” He sets the jug down, and cheap nike air max passes the gourd back, saying: “What a saucy hussy ye are!” slapping the woman’s black shoulder playfully. “Give him some-won’t ye’, boys?” he concludes.
Mr. M’Fadden (the cars are not yet ready to start, but the dep“t is thronging with travellers, and the engine is puffing and snorting, as the driver holds his hand on the throttle, and the stoker crams with pitch pine knots the iron steed of fiery swiftness) will step out and take the comfort of his cigar. He pats his preacher on the shoulder, takes off his shackles, rubs his head with his hand, tells the boys to keep an eye on him. “Yes, mas’r,” they answer, in tones of happy ignorance. The preacher must be jolly, keep on a bright face, never mind the old gal and her young ‘uns, and remember what a chance he will have to get another. He can have two or more, if he pleas air max 90 es; so says his very generous owner.
Mr. M’Fadden shakes hands with his friends on the platform, smokes his cigar leisurely, mingles with the crowd importantly, thinking the while what an unalloyed paragon of amiability he is. Presently the time-bell strikes its warning; the crowd of passengers rush for the cars; the whistle shrieks; the exhaust gives forth its gruff snorts, the connections clank, a jerk is felt, and onward bounds-mighty in power, but controlled by a finger’s slightest touch-the iron steed, dragging its curious train of living merchandise.
M’Fadden again finds his way to the negroes’ car, where, sitting down in front of his property, he will take a bird’s-eye view of it. It is very fascinating to a man who loves the quality of such articles as preachers. He will draw his seat somewhat closer to the minist nike air max classic er; his heart bounds with joy at the prime appearance of his purchase. Reaching out his hand, he takes the cap from Harry’s head, throws it into the woman’s lap; again rubs his hair into a friz. Thus relieved of his pleasing emotions, he will pass into one of the fashionable cars, and take his place among the aristocrats.
“Boss mighty funny when ‘e come t’ town, and git just so ‘e don’t see straight: wish ‘e so good wen ‘e out da’h on de plantation yander,” ejaculates one of the negroes, who answers to the name-Joe! Joe seems to have charge of the rest; but he watches M’Fadden’s departure with a look of sullen hatred.
“Hard old Boss on time-an’t he, boys?” enquires Harry, as an introduction to the conversation.③

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