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“Do you mean to come nigger sulks over this child?” interrupts M’Fadden, impatiently, scowling his heavy eyebrows, and casting a ferocious look at Harry. After ord cheap nike air max ering him to stow himself in a corner, he gets the others upon the floor, and compels them to shuffle what he calls a plantation “rip-her-up.” The effect of this, added to the singular positions into which they are frequently thrown by the motion of the nike air max 90 cars, affords infinite amusement.
“You see, gentlemen, there’s nothing like putting the springs of life into property. Makes it worth fifty per cent. more; and then ye’ll get the hard knocks out to a better profit. Old southerners spoil niggers, makin’ so much on ’em; and soft-soapin’ on ’em. That bit o’ property’s bin spiled just so-he points to Harry, crouched in the corner-And the critter thinks he can preach! Take that out on him with a round turn, when I git to my place,” he continues.
Harry cares very little for M’Fadden’s conversation; he sits as quietly and peaceabl y as if it had been addressed to some other negro. M’Fadden, that he may not be found wanting in his efforts to amuse the young gentlemen, reaches out his hand to one of them, takes his cigar from a case, lights it, and proceeds to keep time by beating his hands on his knees.
The train is approaching the crossing where Mr. M’Fadden will discharge his property,–his human merchandise, and proceed with it some eleven miles on the high road. The noise created by the exuberance of feeling on the part of Mr. M’Fadden has attracted a numerous assemblage of passeng leopard print nike blazers ers to the “Jim Crow” car. The conductor views this as violating the rules of the corporation; he demands it shall be stopped. All is quiet for a time; they reach the “crossing” about five o’clock P.M., where, to Mr. Lawrence M’Fadden’s great delight, he finds himself s nike air max urrounded by a promiscuous assembly of sovereign citizens, met to partake of the hospitalities offered by the candidate for the Assembly, who, having offered himself, expects the distinguished honour of being elected. The assembled citizens will hear what the learned man’s going to talk about when he gets into the Assembly.
As Mr. M’Fadden is a great leopard print nike politician, and a greater democrat-we speak according to the southern acceptation-his presence is welcomed with an enthusiastic burst of applause. Shout after shout makes the very welkin ring, as his numerous friends gather round him, smile solicitously, shake him warmly by the hand, honour him as the peasantry honour the Lord of the Manor.
The crossing-one of those points so well known in the south-is a flat nike air max classic , wooded lawn, interspersed here and there with clumps of tall pine nike air max 90 sale -trees. It is generally dignified with a grocery, a justice’s office, and a tavern, where entertainment for man and beast may always be had. An immense deal of judicial and political business “is put through a process” at these strange places. The squire’s law-book is the oracle; all settlements must be made by it; all important sayings drawn from it. The squire himself is scarcely less an individual of mysterious importance; he draws settled facts from his copious volume, and thus saves himself the trouble of analysing them. Open it where he will, the whys and wherefores for every case are never wanting.
Our present crossing is a place of much importance, being where the political effervescence of the state often concentrates. It will not do, however, to analyse that concentration, lest the fungi that give it life and powe cheap nike air max trainers r may seem to conflict with the safety of law and order. On other occasions it might be taken for a place of rural quiet, instead of those indescribable gatherings of the rotten membranes of a bad political power.
Here the justice’s office is attached to the grocery, a little shop in which all men may drink very deleterious liquor; and, in addition to the tavern, which is the chief building-a quadrangular structure raised a few feet from the ground on piles of the palmetto tree-there is a small church, shingled and clapboarded, and having a belfry with lattice-work sides. An upper and lower veranda surround the tavern, affording gentlemen an opportunity to enjoy the shade.
Several of Mr. Lawrence M’Fadden’s friends meet him at the station, and, as he receives his property, assist him in securing it with irons preparatory to nike air max 95 lodging it in a place of safe keeping.
“Goin’ t’ make this chap a deacon on my place; can preach like sixty. It’ll save the trouble sendin’ north for such trash as they send us. Can make this feller truer on southern principles,” says M’Fadden, exultingly, addressing himself to his companions, looking Harry smilingly in the face, and patting him on the shoulder. The gentlemen view Harry with particular admiration, and remark upon his fine points with the usual satisfaction of connoisseurs. Mr. M’Fadden will secure his preacher, in iron fellowship, to the left hand of the woman slave.
“All right!” he says, as the irons are locked, and he marches his property up to the tavern, where he meets mine host-a short, fat man, with a very red and good-natured face, who always dresses in brown clothes, smiles, and has an extra laugh for ‘lection days-who stands his consequential proportions in the entrance to the lower veranda, and is receiving his customers with the blande cheap nike air max st smiles. “I thinks a right smart heap on ye, or I would’nt a’ ‘gin ye that gal for a mate,” continues M’Fadden, walking along, looking at Harry earnestly, and, with an air of self-congratulation, ejecting a quantity of tobacco-juice from his capacious mouth. “Mr. M’Fadden is very, very welcome;” so says mine host, who would h leopard print nike air max ave him take a social glass with his own dear self.
Mr. M’Fadden must be excused until he has seen the place in which to deposit his preacher and other property.
“Ah, ha!”-mine host cants his ear, enquiringly;–“want grits for ’em, I s’pose?” he returns, and his round fat face glows with satisfaction. “Can suit you to a shavin’.”
“That’s right, Colonel; I know’d ye could,” ejaculates the other. Mine host is much elated at hearing his title appended. Colonel Frank Jones-such is mine host’s name–never fought but one duel, and that was the time when, being a delegate to the southern blowing-up convention, lately holden in the secession city of Charleston, nike air max sale he entered his name on the register of the Charleston Hotel–“Colonel Frank Jones, Esq., of the South Carolina Dragoons;” beneath which an impertinent wag scrawled-“Corporal James Henry Williamson M’Donal Cudgo, Esq. of the same regiment.” Colonel Frank Jones, Esq. took this very gross insult in the highest kind of dudgeon, and forthwith challenged the impertinent wag to settle the matter as became gentlemen. The duel, however, ended quite as harmlessly as the blowing-up convention of wh nike air max 1 ich Mr. Colonel Frank Jones was a delegate, the seconds-thoughtless wretches-having forgot to put bullets in the weapons.
Our readers must excuse us for digressing a little. Mine host rubs his hands, draws his mouth into a dozen different puckers, and then cries out at the top of his voice, “Ho, boys, ho!”
Three or four half-clad negroes come scampering into the room, ready to answer the summons. “Take charge o’ this property o’ my friend’s here. Get ’em a good tuck out o’ grits.”
“Can grind ’em themselves,” interrupts M’Fadden, quickly. “About the price, Colonel?” ③

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