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He misses the frightened maid, and seats himself on the lowest step of the stairs. Here he delivers a sort of half-musical soliloquy, like the following: “Gentlemen! this kind a’ thing only happens at times, and isn’t just the square thing when yer straight; cheap air max 90 but–seein’ how southern life will be so–when a body get’s nike air max crooked what’s got a wife what don’t look to matters and things, and never comes to take care on a bod nike air max 90 y when he’s done gone, he better shut up shop. Better be lookin’ round to see what he can scare up!”
Franconia holds the flaring light over the stairs: pale and death-like, she trembles with fear, every moment expecting to see them ascend.
“I see the colonel’s ‘oman! yander she is; she what was imposed on him to save the poverty of her folks. The M’Carstrows know a thing or two: her folks may crawl under the dignity of the name, but they don’t shell under the dignity of the money-they don’t!” says a stalwart companion, attempting to gain a position by the side of his fellow on the steps. He gives a leering wink, contorts his face into a dozen grimaces, stares vacantly round the hall (sliding himself along on his hands and knees), his glassy eyes inflamed like balls of fire. “It’ll be all square soon,” he growls out.
The poor affrighted servant again attempts-having descended the stairs-to relieve her master; but the cr nike air max 95 awling creature has regained his feet. He springs upon her like a fiend, utters a fierce yell, and, snatching the lamp from her hand, dashes it upon the tiles, spreading the fractured pieces about the hall. Wringing herself from his grasp, she leaves a portion of her dress in his bony hand, and seeks shelter in a distant part of the hall. Holding up the fragment as a trophy, he staggers from place to place, making hieroglyphics on the wall with his fingers. His misty mind searches for some point of egress. Confro nting (rather uncomfortably) hat stands, tables, porcelains, and other hall appurtenances, he at length shuffles his way back to the stairs, where, as if doubting his bleered optics, he stands some moments, swaying to and fro. His hat again falls from his head, and his body, following, lays its lumbering length on the stairs. Happy fraternity! how useful is that body! His companion, laying his muddled head upon it, says it will serve for a pillow. “E’ke-hum-spose ’tis so? I reckon how I’m some-ec! eke!-somewhere or nowhere; aint we, Joe? It’s a funny house, fellers,” he continues to soliloquise, laying his arm affectionately over his companion’s neck, and again yielding to the caprice of his nether limbs.
The gentlemen will now enjoy a little refreshing sleep; to further which enjoyment, they very coolly and unceremoniously commence a pot-pourri of discordant snoring. This seems of grateful concord for their boon companions, who-forming an equanimity of good feeling on the floor-join in.
The servant is but a slave, subject to air max 90 her owner’s will; she dare not approach him while in such an uncertain condition. Franconia cannot intercede, lest his companions, strangers to her, and having the appearance of low-bred men, taking advantage of M’Carstrow’s besotted condition, make rude advances. M’Carstrow, snoring high above his cares, will take his comfort upon the tiles.
The servant is supplied with another candle, which, at Franconia’s b cheap nike air max idding, she places in a niche of the hall. It will supply light to the grotesque sleepers, whose lamp has gone out.
Franconia has not forgotten that M’Carstrow is her husband; she has not forgotten that she owes him a wife’s debt of kindness. She descends the stairs gently, leans over his besotted body, smooths his feverish brow with her hand, and orders the servant to bring a soft cushion; which done, she raises his head and places it beneath-so gently, so carefully. Her loving heart seems swelling with grief, as compassionately she gazes upon him; then, drawing a cambric handkerchief from her bosom, spreads it so kindly over his face. Woman! there is worth in that last little act. She leaves him to enjoy his follies, but regrets their existence. Retiring to the drawing-room, agitated and sleepless, she reclines on a lo airmax 90 unge to await the light of morning. Again the faithful servant, endeavouring to appease her mistress’s agitation, crouches upon the carpet, resting her head on the ottoman at Franconia’s feet.
The morning dawns bright and sunny: Franconia has not slept. She has passed the hours in watchfulness; has watched the negro sleeping, while her thoughts were rivetted to the scene in the hall. She gets up, paces the room from the couch to the window, and sits down again undecided, unresolved. Taking Diana-such is the servant’s name-by the hand, she wakes her, and sends her into the hall to ascertain the condition of the sleepers. The metamorphosed group, poisoning the air with their reeking breath, are still enjoying the morbid fruits of their bacchanalianism. Quietly, coolly, and promiscuously, they lay as lovingly as fellows of cheap nike air max the animal world could desire.
The servant returns, shaking her head. “Missus, da’h lays yander, so in all fixins dat no tellin’ which most done gone. Mas’r seems done gone, sartin!” says the servant, her face glowing with apprehension.
The significant phrase alarms Franconia. She repairs to the hall, and commences restoring the sleepers to consciousness. The gentlemen are doggedly obstinate; they refuse to be disturbed. She recognises the face of one whose business it is to reduce men to the last stage of poverty. Her sensitive nature shudders at the sight, as she views him with a curl of contempt on her lip. “Oh, M’Carstrow,–M’Carstrow!” she whispers, and taking him by the hand, shakes it violently. M’Carstrow, with countenance ghastly and inflamed, begins to raise his sluggish head. He sees Franconia pensively gazing nike air max sale in his face; and yet he enquires who it is that disturbs the progress of his comforts. “Only me!” says the good woman, soliciting him to leave his companions and accompany her.
Oh, you, is it?” he replies, grumblingly, rising on his right elbow, and rubbing his eyes with his left hand. Wildly and vacantly he stares round the hall, as if aroused from a trance, and made sensible of his condition.
“Yes, me-simply me, who, lost to your affections, is made most unhappy-” Franconia would proceed, but is interrupted by her muddling swain.
“Unhappy! unhappy!” says the man of southern chivalry, making sundry irresistible nods. “Propagator of mischief, of evil contentions, of peace annihilators. Ah! ah! ah! Thinking about the lustre of them beggared relations. It always takes fools to make a fuss over small things: an angel would cheap nike air max trainers n’t make a discontented woman happy.” Franconia breaks out into a paroxysm of grief, so unfeeling is the tone in which he addresses her. He is a southern gentl nike air max 1 eman,–happily not of New England in his manners, not of New England in his affections, not of New England in his domestic associations. He thinks Franconia very silly, and scouts with derision the idea of marrying a southern gentleman who likes enjoyment, and then making a fuss about it. He thinks she had better shut up her whimpering,–learn to be a good wife upon southern principles.
“Husbands should be husbands, to claim a wife’s respect; and they should never forget that nike air max 90 sale kindness makes good wives. Take away the life springs of woman’s love, and what is she? What is she with her happiness gone, her pride touched, her prospects blasted? What respect or love ca nike air max classic n she have for the man who degrades her to the level of his own loathsome companions?” Franconia points to those who lie upon the floor, repulsive, and reeking with the fumes of dissipation. “There are your companions,” she says.
“Companions?” he returns, enquiringly. He looks round upon them with surprise. “Who are those fellows you have got here?” he enquires, angrily.
“You brought them to your own home; that home you might make happy-”
“Not a bit of it! They are some of your d-d disreputable relations.” ③

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