especially in systems with poor ventilation,http://lunettesoakleyfranceweb

cpu usage spikes,lunette carrera

under full load,oakley pas cher, it makes music stutter when it tries to spike,Abercrombie Paris.

I’ve run BOINC while burning DVDs,lunette oakley pas cher, listening to music,Abercrombie Pas Cher, surfing the web doing a bit of database work on single CPU systems much slower than yours with no problems at all having BOINC run all the time with no limit on it’s CPU usage,oakley.

Possibly try a different music player- if a programme runs at a lower priority,oakley, or the same priority as BOINC then they will share CPU time. If it runs at a higher priority then it will get all the CPU time till it’s done,abercrombie soldes.

Also see how much free system memory you have- XP with less than 1GB of RAM isn’t the smoothest of systems at the best of times.


Darwin NT,ray ban.

ID: 758762

There has been reported issues in the past from people who want to stream music and having stuttering,lunette carrera pas cher. The problem seems to stem from the fact that the music stream is set to low priority just like the science app,oakleyradar, causing a conflict between the two,ray ban.

Originally,lunette carrera, the CPU Usage setting was designed to help lower the heat output of hotter chips (especially in systems with poor ventilation),carrera pas cher. In this case,oakley pas cher, the CPU usage setting will technically work and the end result will be the same,oakley, it just doesn’t work as people expect it to,lunettes ray ban. It worked well for me on my XP laptop (before BOINC had the throttling built in),lunette carrera. Since I “blew out the dust bunnies”,lunette oakley, however,lunette carrera pas cher, I don’t need it any longer and my laptop works happily away at 100% (okay,Ray ban Wayfarer, 99,ray ban pas cher.2457% :-),ray ban pas cher.

Computer sind nicht alles im Leben,lunette carrera pas cher. thanks you for your time

Others have offered or asked for a feature as well,lunette oakley, but the problem is as Jord states (and as I alluded to in my other post),carrera pas cher. The problem isn’t that it can’t be done or is too difficult in and of itself,abercrombie femme. The problem is that most coding algorithms that limit CPU usage rely on specific OS calls,lunette carrera pas cher. Since BOINC is multi-platform,lunette oakley, BOINC tries relying on very few calls that are specific to an OS to maintain an code base that can be easily compiled using the same source for any OS,ray ban. In other words,lunettes carrera moins cher, you could download the BOINC source code right now and compile it for Linux,Ray ban Wayfarer, Mac or Windows without having to do anything extra yourself (without any extra modifying of the code),discount ray ban.

Gundolf Jahn’s suggestion is another option as well,abercrombie and fitch. ThreadMaster will ensure that whatever program you decide only gets as much CPU time as you specify. Of course,boutique lunette carrera, I prefer to have as few startup application as possible,Abercrombie, so if BOINC’s built-in feature does the job then I’d be happy with that, but that’s just me,lunette ray ban aviator. ,oakley pas cher😉

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