Improve the Mining Machinery Market’ Competitiveness by Innovation

Compared with the international mining machinery producing countries, China’s mining machinery industry has great development potential. In the NPC and CPPCC, it has stressed that the new road to industrialization society, which should be reflected in our work. Hongxing Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd as a mining machinery manufacturer, is a rising star of the crusher production, it grasps the spirit of the NPC and CPPCC and adheres to the road of new industrialization, building a conservation-oriented society. The mining machinery industry is an important pillar industry of the national economy, industry, transportation, infrastructure, real estate and industrial raw materials production industry, mining machinery as construction of mining equipment and raw material deep processing equipment provides with a lot of basic industrial raw materials and products for the rapid development of the socio-economic, so the mining machinery manufacturing industry is an important foundation for the country to establish an independent industrial system, and is also an important symbol to reflect the social and industrial development force.

According to some dates, the annual output value of the international mining machinery has been in a rising trend, from which two problems can be seen. First, China’s mining machinery is still in the ‘inward looking’ type. Second, mining machinery in China still has relatively broad market. However, how to enter the market and capture the market is worth pondering. A new way of applying the primary/secondary crusher circuit–combining a larger horizontal shaft impact crusher which is also called sand making machine with a smaller secondary HSI crusher–is proving to be profitable for some aggregates producers, increasing production and decreasing wear costs in an array of applications. Although some applications still call for the primary-jaw/secondary-cone circuit to reduce wear costs and maintain productivity, some producers say it”s overkill for crushing many recycle and aggregate materials.

With the economic development and fierce competition of the market, domestic and foreign market situation of the mining machinery will be more and more intense, and this is not only the price competition but also the quality and service competition. Hongxing meets customers’ needs and ends with customers’ satisfaction. It has its business philosophy, and has concentrated on its career in the mining equipment manufacturing for many years, the production such as impact crusher, jaw crusher, cone crusher, etc., is very popular with the customers. We believe as long as we do better, we will be able to stand in a dominant position in the fierce competition.

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