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The Financial Brand has ranked the social media activity for the top 100 banks and credit unions around the world. The Power 100 is an interactive list of retail banks and credit unions who have achieved the most social media traction. Components of the Power 100 score include Facebook ‘Likes,’ Facebook engagement rate, Twitter followers, tweets sent, YouTube views and YouTube subscribers.luoqiyin666

Users of the Power 100 interactive database can view stats for each individual social media channel (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), and can filter results to just banks, credit unions or both. Inclusion in the Power 100 was limited to financial institutions who provide retail consumer banking services (i.e., loans and checking accounts), and conduct the bulk of their marketing in English. This includes — but is not limited to — banks and credit unions in the U.S., Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa, Singapore, the Philippines, Ireland and Nigeria. Over 750 financial institutions were initially screened for possible inclusion in the inaugural edition of the Power 100, with scores calculated for around 500 of them. Since there are at least 25,000 banks and credit unions in the English-speaking world, undoubtedly some that should appear in the Power 100 rankings were not captured in this initial release. However, the database will expand rapidly to encompass virtually every major social media presence in the retail banking space. The Power 100 database will be updated quarterly, with the next public release scheduled for early July. If you have more questions about the Power 100, please check out this list of FAQs. If your question isn’t addressed there, please leave a comment below or contact The Financial Brand and we’ll do our best to address your question.For more information, please visit solar power bank

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