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“No business o’ yourn, that ain’t; yer nigger-knowin ought to tell you how ye’d got into safe hands. We’ll push along down south as soon as ye gets some feed. Put on a straight face, and face the music like a clever deacon, and we’ll do the square in selling ye to a Boss what ‘ll let ye preach now and then. (Nimr cheap ghd wide plate straighteners od becomes very affectionate). Do the thing up righteous, and when yer sold there ‘ll be a five-dollar shiner for yerself. (He pats him on the head, and puts his arm over his shoulder.) Best t’ have a little shot in a body’s own pocket; now, shut up yer black bread-trap, and don’t go makin a fuss about where yer goin’ to: that’s my business!”
Harry pauses as if in contemplation; he is struggling against his indignation excited by such remarks. He knew his old master’s weaknesses, enjoyed his indulgences; but he had never been made to feel so acutely how degraded he could be as a mere article of trade. It would have been some consolation to know which way he was proceeding, and why he had been so suddenly snatched from his new owner. Fate had not ordained this for him; oh no! He must resign himself without making any furthe cheap ghd flat iron r enquiries; he must be nothing more than a nigger–happy nigger happily subdued! Seating himself upon the floor, in a recumbent position, he drop cheap ghd straighteners next day delivery s his face on his knees,–is humbled among the humblest. He is left alone for some time, while his captors, retiring into an adjoining room, hold a consultation.
Breakfast is being prepared, and much conversation is kept up in an inaudible tone of voice. Harry has an instinctive knowledge that it is about him, for he hears the words, “Peter! Peter!” his name must be transmogrified into “Peter!” In another minute he hears dishes rattling on the table, and Bengal distinctly complimenting the adjuncts, as he orders some for the nigger preacher. This excites his anxiety; he feels like placing his ear at the keyhole,–doing a little evesdropping. He is happily disappointed, ghd hair straightener however, ghd outlet for the door opens, and a black boy bearing a dish of homony enters, and, placing it before him, begs that he will help himself. Harry takes the plate and sets it beside him, as the strange boy watches him with an air of commiseration that enlists his confidence. “Ain’t da’h somefin mo’ dat I can bring ye?” enquires the boy, pausing for an answer.
“Nothing,–nothing more!”
Harry will venture to make some enquiries about the locality. “Do you belong to master what live here?” He puts out his hand, takes the o cheap ghds ther by the arm.
“Hard tellin who I belongs to. Buckra man own ’em to-day; ain’t sartin if he own ’em to-morrow, dough. What country-born nigger is you?”
“Down country! My poor old master’s gone, and now I’m goin’; but God only knows where to. White man sell all old Boss’s folks in a string,–my old woman and children cheap ghd straighteners among the rest. My heart is with them, God bless them!”
“Reckon how ya’ had a right good old Boss what larn ye somethin.” The boy listens to Harry with surprise. “Don’t talk like dat down dis a way; no country-born nigger put in larn’d wods so, nohow,” returns the boy, with a look of curious admiration.
“But you harn’t told me what place this is?”
“Dis ‘ouse! e’ ant nowhare when Buckra bring nigger what he want to sell, and don’ want nobody to know whar e’ bring him from. Dat man what bring ye here be great Buckra. De ‘h way he lash nigger whin e’ don do jist so!” The boy shakes his head with a warning air.
“How did you get here? There must be roads leading in some directions?”
“Roads runnin’ every which way, yand’ ghd ireland r; and trou de woods anyway, but mighty hard tellin whar he going to, he is. Mas’r Boss don lef ‘e nigger kn cheap ghd air ow how ‘e bring’um, nor how he takes ‘um way. Guess da ‘h gwine to run ye down country, so God bless you,” says the boy, shaking him by the hand, and taking leave.
“Well! if I only knew which way I was going I should feel happy; because I could then write to my old master, somewhere or somehow. And I know my ghd straightener ireland good friend Missus Rosebrook will buy me for her plantation,–I know she will. She knows my feelings, and in her heart wouldn’t see me abused, she wouldn’t! I wish I knew who my master is, where I am, and to whom I’m going to be sold next. I think new master has stolen me, thinking old master was going to die,” Harry mutters to himself, commencing his breakfast, but still applying his listening faculties to the conversation in the next room. At length, after a long pause, they seem to have finished breakfast and taken up the further consideration of his sale.
“I don’t fear anything of the kind! Romescos is just the keenest fellow that can be scared up this side of Baltimore. He never takes a thing o’ this stamp in hand but what he puts it through,” says Bengal, in a whispering tone.
“True! the trouble’s in his infernal pre heap ghd hair straighteners uk aching; that’s the devil of niggers having intelligence. Can do anything in our way with common niggers what don’t know nothin’; but when the critters can do clergy, and preach, they’ll be sending notes to somebody they know as acquaintances. An intelligent nigger’s a bad article when ye want to play off in this way,” replies the other, curtly.
“Never mind,” returns Bengal, “can’t ollers transpose a nigger, as easy as turnin’ over a sixpence, specially when he don’t have his ideas brightened. Can’t steer clar on’t. Larnin’s mighty dangerous to our business, Nath.-better knock him on the head at once; better end him and save a sight of trouble. It’ll put a stopper on his preaching, this pesks exercisin’ his ideas.”
A third interrupts. “Thinks such a set of chicken-hearted fellows won’t do when it comes to cases of ‘mergency ghd straighteners like this. He will just make clergyman Peter Somebody the deacon; and with this honorary title he’ll put him through to Major Wiley’s plantation, when he’ll be all right down in old Mississippi. The Colonel and he, understanding the thing, can settle it just as smooth as sunrise. The curate is what we call a right clever fellow, would make the tallest kind of a preacher, and pay first-rate per centage on himself.” Bengal refers to Harry. His remarks are, indeed, quite applicable. “I’ve got the dockerment, ye see, all prepared; and we’ll put him through without a wink,” he concludes, in a measured tone of voice.
The door of Harry’s room opens, and the three enter together. “Had a good breakfast, old feller, hain’t ye?” says Nimrod, approaching with hand extended, and patting him on the head with a child’s playfulness. “I kin cheap ghd straighteners £50 d o’ likes the looks on ye” (a congratulatory smile curls over his countenance), “old feller; and means to do the square thing in the way o’ gettin’ on ye a good Boss. Put on the Lazarus, and no nigger tricks on the road. I’m sorry to leave ye on the excursion, but here’s the gentleman what’ll see ye through,–will put ye through to old Mississip just as safe as if ye were a nugget of gold.” Nimrod introduces Harry to a short gentleman with a bald head, and very smooth, red face. His dress is of brown homespun, a garb which would seem peculiar to those who do the villainy of the peculiar institution. The gentleman has a pair of handcuffs in his left hand, with which he will make his pious merchandise safe. Stepping forward, he places the forefinger of his right hand on the preacher’s forehead, and reads him a lesson which h e must get firm into his thinking shell. It is this. “Now, at this very time, yer any kind of a nigger; but a’ter this ar’ ye got to be a Tennessee nigger, raised in a pious Tennessee family. And yer name is Peter-Peter-Peter!-don’t forget the Peter: yer a parson, and ought t’ keep the old apostle what preached in the marketplace in yer noddle. Peter, ye see, is a pious name, and Harry isn’t; so ye must think Peter and sink Harry.”
“What do I want to change my name for? Old master give me that name long time ago!” ③

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