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IT is enough to inform the reader that Romescos and Mr. M’Fadden were not only rival bidders for this very desirable piece of preaching property, but, being near neighbours, had become inveterate enemies and fierce political opponents. The former, a reckless trader in men, women, and children, was a daring, unprincipled, and revengeful man, whose occupation seldo nike free 5.0 v4 m called him to his plantation; while the latter was notorious as a hard master and a cruel tyrant, who exacted a larger amount of labour from his negroes than his fellow planters, and gave them less to eat. His opinion was, that a peck of corn a week was quite enough for a negro; and this was his systematic allowance;–but he otherwise tempted the appetites of his property, by driving them, famished, to the utmost verge of necessity. Thus driven to predatory acts in order to sustain life, the advantages offered by Romescos’ swamp-generally well sprinkled with swine-were readily appropriated to a very good use.
Under covert of Romescos’ absence, Mr. M’Fadden had no very scrupulous objection to his negroes foraging the amply provided swamp,–provided, however, they did the thing on the sly, were careful whose porker they d nike free trainers uk ispatched, and said nothing to him about the eating. In fact, it was simply a matter of economy with Mr. M’Fadden; and as Romescos had a great number of the obstinate brutes, it saved the trouble of raising such undignified stock. Finding, however, that neighbour M’Fadden, or his predatory negroes-such they were called-were laying claim to more than a generous share of their porkships, Romescos thought it high time to put the thing down by a summary process. But what particularly “riled” Romescos in this affair of the hogs was, that M’Fadden’s negroes were not content with catching them in an honourable way, but would do it through the agency of nasty cur-dogs, which he always had despised, and held as unfit even to hunt niggers with. Several times had he expressed his willingness to permit a small number of his grunters nike free run plus to be captured for the benefit of his neighbour’s half-starved negroes, provided, always, they were hunted with honourable hound-dogs. He held such animals in high esteem, while curs he looked upon with utter contempt; he likened the one to the chivalrous old rice-planter, the other to a pettifogging schoolmaster fit for nothing but to be despised and shot. With these feelings he (Romescos) declared his intention to kill the very first negro he caught in his swamp with cur-dogs; and he kept his word. Lying in ambush, he would await their approach, and, when most engaged in appropriating the porkers, rush from his hiding-place, shoot the dogs, and then take a turn at the more exhilarating business of shooting the negroes. He would, with all possible calmness, command the frightened property to approach and partake of his p nike free 3.0 review eculiar mixture, administered from his double-barrel gun.
That the reader may better understand Romescos’ process of curing this malady of his neighbour’s negroes, we will give it as related by himself. It is a curious mode of dispatching negro property; the reader, however, cannot fail to comprehend it. “Plantin’ didn’t suit my notions o’ gittin’ rich, ye see, so I spec’lates in nigger property, and makes a better thing on’t. But there’s philosophy about the thing, and a body’s got t’ know the hang on’t afore he can twist it out profitably; so I keeps a sort of a plantation just to make a swell; cos ye got to make a splash to be anybody down south. Can’t be a gentleman, ye see, ‘cept ye plants cotton and rice; and then a feller what’s got a plantation in this kind of a way can be a gentleman, and do so many other bits of nike free 3.0 sale trade to advantage. The thing works like the handle of a pump; and then it makes a right good place for raising young niggers, and gettin’ old uns trimmed up. With me, the worst thing is that old screwdriver, M’Fadden, what don’t care no more for the wear and tear of a nigger than nothin’, and drives ’em like as many steam-engines he thinks he can keep going by feeding on saw-dust. He han’t no conception o’ nigger constitution, and is just the worst sort of a chap that ever cum south to get a fortune. Why, look right at his niggers: they look like crows after corn-shuckin. Don’t give ’em no meat, and the critters must steal somethin’ t’ keep out o’ the bone-yard. Well, I argers the case with Mack, tells him how t’ll be atween he and me on this thing, and warns him that if he don’t chunk more corn and grease into his nig nike huarache gers, there ‘ll be a ruptous fuss. But he don’t stand on honour, as I does, especially when his property makes a haul on my swamp of shoats. I an’t home often; so the hogs suffer; and Mack’s niggers get the pork. This ‘ere kind o’ business”–Romescos maintains the serious dignity of himself the while–“don’t go down nohow with me; so Mack and me just has a bit of a good-natured quarrel; and from that we gets at daggers’ points, and I swears how I’ll kill the first nigger o’ his’n what steals hogs o’ mine. Wouldn’t a cared a sous, mark ye, but it cum crossways on a feller’s feelins to think how the ‘tarnal niggers had no more sense than t’ hunt hogs o’ mine with cur-dogs: bin hounds, honourable dogs, or respectable dogs what ‘ll do to hunt niggers with, wouldn’t a care nike huarache free run d a toss about it; but-when-I-hears-a cur-dog yelp, oh nike free ! hang me if it don’t set my sensations all on pins, just as somethin’ was crucifyin’ a feller. I warns and talks, and then pleads like a lawyer what’s got a bad case; but all to no end o’ reformin’ Mack’s morals,–feller han’t got no sense o’ reform in him. So I sets my niggers on the scent-it gives ’em some fun-and swears I’ll kill a nigger for every hog he steals. This I concludes on; and I never backs out when once I fixes a conclusion.
“Hears the infernal cur-dog’s yelp, yelp, yelp, down in the swamp; then I creeps through the jungle so sly, lays low till the fellers cum up, all jumpin’-pig ahead, then dogs, niggers follerin’, puffin’ and blowin’, eyes poppin’ out, ‘most out o’ breath, just as if they tasted the sparerib afore they’d got the critter.
“Well, ye see, I know’d all the ins and outs of the law,–keeps mig nike free running shoes hty shy about all the judi cheap nike free run 2 cial quibbles on’t,–never takes nobody with me whose swearin’ would stand muster in a court of law. All right on that score (Romescos exults in his law proficiency). I makes sure o’ the dogs fust, ollers keepin’ the double-barrel on the right eye for the best nigger in the lot. It would make the longest-faced deacon in the district laugh to see the fire flash out o’ the nigger’s big black eyes, when he sees the cur drop, knowin’ how he’ll get the next plugs souced into him. It’s only natural, cos it would frighten a feller what warn’t used to it just to see what a thunder-cloud of agitation the nigger screws his black face into. And then he starts to run, and puts it like streaks o’ cannon-balls chased by express lightnin’.
“‘Stand still, ye thievin’ varmint! hold up,–bring to a mooring: take the mixture according to Gunter!’ I shouts. The way the nigger pulls up, begs, pleads, and says things what’ll touch a feller’s tender feelins, aint no small kind of an institution. ‘T nike free run 2 review would just make a man what had stretchy conscience think there was somethin’ crooked somewhere. ‘Well, boys,’ says I, feeling a little soft about the stomach, ‘seeing how it’s yer Boss what don’t feed ye, I’ll be kind o’ good, and give ye a dose of the mixture in an honourable way.’ Then I loads t’other barrel, the feller’s eyes flashin’ streaks of blue lightnin’ all the time, lookin’ at how I rams it down, chunk! ‘Now, boys,’ says I, when the plugs shot is all ready, ‘there’s system ’bout this ere thing a’ mine–t’aint killin’ ye I wants,–don’t care a copper about that (there an’t no music in that), but must make it bring the finances out a’ yer master’s pocket. That’s the place where he keeps all his morals. Now, run twenty paces and I’ll gin ye a fair chance! The nigger understands me, ye see, and moves off, as if he expected a thunderbolt at his heel, lookin’ back and whining like a puppy what’s lost his mother. Just when he gets to an honourable distance,–say twenty paces, according to fighting rule,–I draws up, takes aim, and plumps the plugs into him. The way the critter jumps reminds me of a circus rider vaultin’ and tu nike huarache free rnin’ sumersets. You’d think he was inginrubber ‘lectrified. A’ter all, I finds these playin’ doses don’t do; they don’t settle things on the square. So I tries a little stronger mixture, which ends in killin’ three o’ Mack’s niggers right up smooth. But the best on’t is that Mack finds he han’t no proof, goes right into it and kills three o’ my prime fat niggers: that makes us bad friends on every score. But he got a nigger ahead o’ me a’ter awhile, and I ware detarmined to straighten accounts, if it was by stealin’ the odds. Them ar’s my principles, and that’s just the way I settles accounts with folks what don’t do nike free review the square thing in the way o’ nigger property.” ③

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