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“The above reward will be given anybody for the apprehension of the nigger-boy, Harry, the property of Mr. M’Fadden. Said Harry suddenly disappeared from these premises last night, while his master was supposed to be dying. The boy’s a well-developed nigger, ‘ant sassy, got fine bold head and round face, and intelligent eye, and ‘s about five feet eleven inches high, and equally proportionate elsewhere. He’s much giv’n to preachin’, and most likely is secreted in some of the s nike canada online urrounding swamps, where he will remain until tempted to make his appearance on some plantation for the purpose of exortin his feller niggers. He is well disposed, and is said to have a good disposition, so that no person need fear to approach him for capture. The above reward will be paid upon his delivery at any gaol in the State, and a hundred and fifty dollars if delivered at any gaol out of the State.
“Just the instrument to bring him, Jethro!” intimates our fashionable gent, quizzically, as he stands a few feet behind Mr. Jones, making grimaces. Then, gazing intently at the bill for some minutes, he runs his hands deep into his pockets, affects an air of greatest satisfaction, and commences whistli nike air max 90 sale ng a tune to aid in suppressing a smile that is invading his countenance. “Wouldn’t be in that nigger’s skin for a thousand or more dollars, I wouldn’t!” he continues, screeching in the loudest manner, and then shaking, kicking, and rousing the half-animate occupants of the floor and benches. “Come! get up here! Prize money ahead! Fine fun for a week. Prize money ahead! wake up, ye jolly sleepers, loyal citizens, independent voters-wake up, I say. Here’s fun and frolic, plenty of whiskey, and two hundred dollars reward for every mother’s son of ye what wants to hunt a nigger; and he’s a preachin nigger at that! Come; nike air max whose in for the frolic, ye hard-faced democracy that love to vote for your country’s good and a good cause?” After exerting himself for some time, they begin to scramble up like so many bewildered spectres of blackness, troubled to get light through the means of their blurred faculties.
“Who’s dragging the life out o’ me?” exclaims one, straining his mottled eyes, extending his wearied limbs, gasping as if for b nike air max sale reath; then staggering to the counter. Finally, after much struggling, staggering, expressing consternation, obscene jeering, blasphemous oaths and filthy slang, they stand upright, and huddle around the notice. The picture presented by their ragged garments, their woebegone faces, and their drenched faculties, would, indeed, be difficult to transfer to canvas.
“Now, stare! stare! with all yer fire-stained eyes, ye clan of motley vagrants-ye sovereign citizens of a sovereign state. Two hundred dollars! aye, two hundred dollars for ye. Make plenty o’ work for yer dogs; knowin brutes they are. And ye’ll get whiskey enough to last the whole district more nor a year,” says our worthy Jones, standing before them, and pointing his finger at the notice. They, as if doubting their own perceptibilities, draw nearer and nearer, stra nike canada ining their eyes, while their bodies oscillate against each other.
Mine host tells them to consider the matter, and be prepared for action, while he will proceed to M’Fadden’s chamber and learn the state of his health.
He opens the sick man’s chamber, and there, to his surprise, is the invalid gentleman, deliberately taking his tea and toast. Mine host congratula cheap nike air max tes him upon his appearance, extends his hand, takes a seat by his bed-side. “I had fearful apprehensions about you, my friend,” he says.
“So had I about myself. I thought I was going to slip it in right earnest. My thoughts and feelins-how they wandered!” M’Fadden raises his hand to his forehead, and slowly shakes his head. “I would’nt a’ given much for the chances, at one time; but the wound isn’t so bad, after all. My nigger property gets along all straight, I suppose?” he enquires, coolly, rolling his eyes upwards with a look of serious reflection. “Boy preacher never returned last night. It’s all right, though, I suppose?” again he enquired, looking mine host right in the eye, as if he discovered some misgiving. His seriousness soon begins to give place to anxiety.
“That boy was a bad nigger,” says mine host, in a half-whisper; “but you must not let your property worry you, my friend.”
“Bad nigger!” interrupts the invalid. Mine host pauses for a moment, while M’Fadden sets his eyes upon him nike air max 1 with a piercing stare.
“Not been cutting up nigger tricks?” he ejaculates, enquiringly, about to spring from his couch with his usual nimbleness. Mine host places his left hand upon his shoulder, and assures him there is no cause of alarm.
“Tell me if any thing’s wrong about my property. Now do,–be candid:” his eyes roll, anxiously.
“All right-excep t the preacher; he’s run away,” mine host answers, suggesting how much better it will be to take the matter cool, as he is sure to be captured.
“What! who-how? you don’t say! My very choicest piece of property. Well-well! who will believe in religion, after that? He came to my sick chamber, the black vagabond did, and prayed as piously as a white man. And it went right to my heart; and I felt that if I died it would a’ been the means o’ savin my soul from all sorts of things infernal,” says the recovering M’Fadden. He, the black preacher, is only a nigger after all; and his owner will have him back, or he’ll have his black hide-that he will! The sick man makes another effort to rise, but is calm nike air max 90 ed into resignation through mine host’s further assurance that the property will be “all right” by the time he gets well.
“How cunning it was in the black vagrant! I shouldn’t be a bit surprised if he cleared straight for Massachusetts-Massachusetts hates our State. Her abolitionists will ruin us yet, sure as the world. We men of the South must do something on a grand scale to protect our rights and our property. The merchants of the North will help us; they are all interested in slave labour. Cotton is king; and cotton can rule, if it will. Cotton can make friendship strong, and political power great.
“There’s my c nike canada store ousin John, ye see; he lives north, but is married to a woman south. He got her with seventeen mules and twenty-three niggers. And there’s brother Jake’s daughter was married to a planter out south what owns lots o’ niggers. And there’s good old uncle Richard; he traded a long time with down south folks, made heaps a money tradin niggers in a sly way, and nev nike air max 95 er heard a word said about slavery not being right, that he did’nt get into a deuce of a fuss, and feel like fightin? Two of Simon Wattler’s gals were married down south, and all the family connections became down-south in principle. And here’s Judge Brooks out here, the very best down-south Judge on the bench; he come from cousin Ephraim’s neighbourhood, down east. It’s just this way things is snarled up a’tween us and them ar’ fellers down New England way. It keeps up the strength of our peculiar institution, though. And southern Editors! just look at them; why, Lord love yer soul! two thirds on’ em are imported from down-north way; and they make the very best southern-principled men. I thought of that last night nike air max classic , when Mr. Jones with the horns looked as if he would go with him. But, I’ll have that preachin vagrant, I’ll have him!” says Mr. M’Fadden, emphatically, seeming much more at rest about his departing affairs. As the shadows of death fade from his sight into their proper distance, worldly figures and property justice resume their wonted possession of his thoughts.
Again, as if suddenly seized with pain, he contorts his face, and enquires in a half-whisper–“What if this wound should mortify? would death follow quickly? I’m dubious yet!”
Mine host approaches nearer his bed-side, takes his hand. M’Fadden, wit cheap nike air max trainers h much apparent meekness, would know what he thought of his case?
He is assured by the kind gentleman that he is entirely out of danger-worth a whole parish of dead men. At the same time, mine host insinuates that he will never do to fight duels until he learns to die fashionably.
M’Fadden smiles,–remembers how many men have been nearly killed and yet escaped the undertaker,–seems to ha cheap nike air max ve regained strength, and calls for a glass of whiskey and water. Not too strong! but, reminding mine host of the excellent quality of his bitters, he suggests that a little may better his case.
“I didn’t mean the wound,” resuming his anxiety for the lost preacher: “I meant the case of the runaway?” ③

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