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“Mas’r Rosebrook’s niggers,” Duncan replies, firmly; “but Missus send da order.”
“Sure of that, now? Good niggers them of Rosebrook’s: wouldn’t a’ gin it to nobody else’s niggers. Follow me-zist, zist!” he says, crooking his finger at the other three, and scowling, as Duncan relieves their timidity by advancing. They move slowly and n cheap air max 1 oiselessly up the aisle, the humid atmosphere of which, pregnant with death, sickens as it steals into the very blood. “In there-zist! make no noise; the dead debtor lies there,” whispers t cheap nike air max he warden, laying hi nike air max 1 red s left hand upon Duncan’s shoulder, and, the forefinger of his right extended, pointing toward the last cell on the left. “Door’s open; not locked, I meant. Left it unsecured last night. Rap afore ye go in, though.” At the methodical warden’s bidding Duncan proceeds, his foot falling lightly on the floor. Reaching the door, he places his righ nike air max classic t hand on the swinging bolt, and for a few seconds seems listening. He hears the muffled sound of a footfall pacing the floor, and then a muttering as of voices in secret communion, or dying echoes from the tomb. He has not mistaken the cell; its crevices give forth odours pergnant of proof. Two successive raps bring Harry to the door: they are admitted to the presence of the dead. One by one Harry receives them by the hand, but he must needs be told why Daddy is not with them. They know not. He ate a morsel, and left late last night, says on cheap nike air max 1 e of the negroes. Harry is astonished at this singular intelligence: Daddy Bob never before was known to commit an act of unfaithfulness; he was true to Marston in life,–strange th nike air max sale at he should desert him in death. “Mas’r’s death-bed wasn’t much at last,” says Duncan, as they gather round the cot, and, with curious faces, mingle their more curious remarks. Harry draws back the white handkerchief which Franconia had spread over the face of the corpse, as the negroes start back affrighted. As of nervous contortion, the ghastly face presents an awful picture. Swollen, discoloured, and contracted, no one outline of that once cheerful countenance can be traced. “Don’t look much like Mas’r Marston used to look; times must a’ changed mightily since he used to look so happy at home,” mutters Duncan, sha nike air max king his head, and telling the others not to be “fear’d; dead men can’t hurt nobody.”
“Died penniless;–but e’ war good on e’ own plantation,” rejoins a nike air max 1 black nother. “One ting be sartin ’bout nigger-he know how he die wen ‘e time cum; Mas’r don know how ‘e gwine to die!”
Having seen enough of the melancholy finale, they spread the litter in the aisle, as the warden enters the cell to facilitate the dead debtor’s exit. nike air max Harry again covers the face, and prepares to roll the body in a coverlit brought by Duncan. “I kind of liked him-he was so gentlemanly-has been with us so long, and did’nt seem like a prisoner. He was very quiet, and always civil when spoken to,” interposes the warden, as, assisting the second shrouding, he presses the hand of the corpse in his own.
Now he is ready; they place his cold body on the litter; a few listless prisoners stand their sickly figures along the passage, watch him slowly borne to the iron gate in the arched vault. Death-less inexorable than creditors-has signed his release, thrown back prison bolts and bars, wrested him from the grasp of human laws, and now mocks at creditors, annuls fi fas, bids the dead debtor make his exit. Death pays no gaol fees; it makes that bequest nike air max 1 grey to creditors; but it reserves cheap air max the keys of heaven for another purpose. “One ration less,” says the nike air max 1 sale warden, who, closing the grated door, casts a lingering look after the humble procession, bearing away the remains of our departed.
With Harry as the only follower, they proceed along, through suburban streets, and soon reach the house of that generous woman. A minister of the gospel awaits his coming; the good man’s words are consoling, but he cannot remodel the past for the advantage of the dead. Soon the body is placed in a ” nike air max 1 ready-made nike air max 1 coffin,” and the good man offers up the last funeral rites; he can do no more than invoke the great protector to receive the departed into his bosom.
“How the troubles of this world rise up before me! Oh! uncle! uncle! how I could part with the world and bury my troubles in the same grave!” exclaims Franconia, as, the ce remony having ended, they bear the body away to its last rest nike air max 1 ebay ing-place; and, in a paroxysm of grief, she shrieks and falls swooning to the floor.
In a neatly inclosed plat, a short distance from the Rosebrook Villa, and near the bank of a meandering rivulet, overhung with mourning willows and clustering vines, they lay him to rest. The world gave the fallen man nothing but a prison-cell wherein to stretch his dying body; a woman gives him a sequestered grave, and nature spreads it with her loveliest offering. It is the last resting-place of the Rosebrook family, which their negroes, partaking of that contentment so characteristic of the family, have planted with flowers they nurture with tenderest care. There is something touching in the calm beauty of the spot; something breathing of rural contentment. It is something to cheap nike air max be buried in a pretty grave-to be mourned by a slave-to be loved by the untutored. How abject the slave, and yet how true his affection! how dear his requiem over a departed friend! “God bless master-receive his spirit!” is heard mingling with the music of the gentle breeze, as Harry, sitting at the head of the grave, looks upward to heaven, while earth covers from sight the mortal relics of a once kind master.
It has been a day of sadness at the villa-a day of mourning and tribulation. How different the scene in the city! There, men whisper strange regrets. Sympathy is let loose, and is expanding itself to an unusual degree. Who was there that did not know Marston’s generous, gushing soul! Who was there that would not have stretched forth the helping hand, had they known his truly abject condition! Who that was not, and h nike air max 90 sale ad not been twenty ti nike air max 1 premium mes, on the very brink of wresting him from the useless tyranny of his obdurate creditors! Who that had not waited from day to day, with purse-strings open, ready to pour forth the unmistakeable tokens of friendship! How many were only restrained from doing good-fro nike air max 90 m giving vent to the fountains of their hospitality-through fear of being contaminated with that scandal rumour had thrown around his decline! Over his death hath sprung to life that curious fabric of living generosity, so ready to bespread a grave with unneeded bounties,–so emblematic of how many false mourners hath the dead. But Graspum would have all such expressions shrink beneath his glowing goodness. With honied words he tells the tale of his own honesty: his business intercourse with the deceased was in character most generous. nike air nike air max 1 leopard max 1 Man cheap nike air max y a good turn did Marston receive at his hands; long had he been his faithful and unwearied friend. Fierce are the words with which he would execrate the tyrant creditors; yea, he would heap condign punishment on their obdurate heads. Time after time did he tell them the fallen man was penniless; how strange, then, that they tortured him to death within prison walls. He would sweep away such vengeance, bury it with his curses, and make obsolete such laws as give one man power to gratify his passion on another. His burning, surging anger can find no relief; nor can he tolerate such antiquated debtor laws: to him they are the very essence of barbarism, tainting that enlightened civilisation so long implanted by the State, so well maintained by the people. It is on those ennobling virtues of state, cheap air max 1 he says, the cherished doctrines of our democracy are founded. Graspum is, indeed, a well-developed type of our modern democracy, the flimsy fabric of which is well represented in the gasconade of the above outpouring philanthropy.
And now, as again the crimson clouds of e cheap nike air max trainers vening soften into golden hues-as the sun, like a fiery chariot, sinks beneath the western landscape, and still night spreads her shadowy mantle down the distant hills, and over the broad lagoon to the north-two sable figures may be seen patting, sodding, and bespreading with fresh-plucked flowers the new grave. As the rippling brook gives out its silvery music, and earth seems drinking of the misty dew, that, like a bridal veil, spreads over its verdant hillocks, they whisper their requiem nike air max 95 of regret, and moul air max 1 d the grave so carefully. “It’s mas’r’s last,” says one, smoothing the cone with his hands.
“We will plant the tree now,” returns the other, bringing forward a young clustering pine, which he places at the head of the grave, and on which he cuts the significant epitaph-“Good master lies here!”
Duncan and Harry have paid their last tribute. “He is at peace with this world,” says the latter, as, at the gate, he turns to take a last look over the paling.③

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