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“Jury are present?” enquires Fetter, with great gravity, bowing to one side and then to the other, as he resumes his seat on the tribune.
” nike free 5.0 v4 Present, yer ‘oner;” the officer answers in a deep, gruff voice, as he steps forward and places a volume of the revised statutes before that high jurist. Fetter moves the book to his left, where Felsh has taken his seat. With placid countenance and softest accents, Fetter orders the prisoner at the bar to stand up while our constable calls the names of the jurymen.
Our victim of democracy’s even-handed justice obeys the summons, rising as his dark eyes flash angrily, and that hatred wrong which lurks in his bosom seems kindling anew. “James M’Neilty! Terrance M’Quade! Harry Johanna! Baldwin Dobson! Patrick Henessy! B e dad and I have um all now, yer ‘oner,” ejaculates the official, exultingly, as one by one the “nigger jurymen” respond to the call and take their seats on a wooden slab at the right of his Honour, squire F nike huarache free run etter. “You are, I may be sure, gentlemen, freeholders?” enquires his honour, with a mechanical bow. They answer simultaneously in the affirmative, and then, forming in a half circle, lay their hands on a volume of Byron, which Fetter makes do for a Bible, and subscribe to the sacred oath Felsh administers. By the Giver of all Good will they return a verdict according to the evidence and the facts. “Gentlemen will nike free trainers uk take their seats” (the officer must preserve order in the court!) “the prisoner may also sit down,” says Felsh, the words falling from his lips with great gravity, as, opening the revised statutes, he rises to address the jury.
“Gentlemen of the Jury!”-suddenly hesitates for a moment-“the solemn duties which you are now called upon to perform” (at this moment Terrance M’Quade draws a small bottle from his pock nike huarache free e nike huarache t, and after helping himself to a portion of its contents passes it to his fellows, much to the surprise of the learned Felsh, who hopes such indecorum will cease) “and they are duties which you owe to the safety of the state as well as to the protection of your own families, are much enhanced by the superior mental condition of the criminal before you.” Here Mr. Felsh calls for a volume of Prince’s Digest, from which he instructs the jury upon several important points of the law made and provided for making the striking a white person by a slave or person of colour a capital offence. “Your honour, too, will see the case to which I refer-‘State and Prudence!'” The learned gentleman extends the book, that his august eyes may have a near view.
“Your word is quite sufficient, Mr. Felsh,” returns Fetter, his eyes half clos nike free run plus ed, nike free 3.0 sale as he waves his hand, adding that he is perfectly posted on the case cited. “Page 499, I think you said?” he continues, placing his thumbs in his waistcoat armlets, with an air of indifference.
“Yes, your honour,” rejoins Felsh, with a polite bow. His honour, ordering a glass of water mixed with a little brandy, Mr. Felsh continues:–“The case, gentlemen, before you, is that of the ‘State v. Nicholas.’ This case, gentlemen, and the committal of the heinous crime for which he stands arraigned before you, has excited no small amount of interest in the city. It is one of those peculiar cases where intelligence creeps into the property interest of our noble institution-the institution of slavery-makes the property restless, disobedient to the will and commands of the master, disaffected to the slave population, and dang cheap nike free run 2 erous nike free review to the peace and the progress of the community. Now, gentlemen” (his honour has dropped into a moderate nap-Mr. Felsh pauses for a moment, and touches him gently on the shoulder, as he suddenly resumes his wonted attention, much to the amusement of those assembled) “you will be told by the witnesses we shall here produce, that the culprit is an exceedingly intelligent and valuable piece of property, and as such might, even now, be made extremely valuable to his master”–Mr. Grabguy is in court, watching his interests!-“who paid a large sum for him, and was more than anxious to place him at the head of his manufacturing establishment, which office he was fully capable of filling. Now, gentlemen-his honour will please observe this point-much as I may consider the heavy loss the master will suffer by the conviction o nike free f the p nike free running shoes risoner, and which will doubtless be felt severely by him, I cannot help impressing upon you the necessity of overlooking the individual loss to the master, maintaining the law, and preserving the peace of the community and stability of our noble institution. That the state will only allow the master two hundred dollars for his valuable slave you have nothing to do with-you must sink that from your minds, listen to the testimony, and form your verdict in accordance with that and the law. That he is a dangerous slave, has long maintained a disobedience towards his owner, set the authorities at defiance, attempted to create an insurrection, and made a dangerous assault on a white man-which constitutes a capital offence-we shall now call witnesses to prove.” The learned gentleman having finished his opening for the prosecuti nike free run 2 review on, sits down. After a moment’s pause, he orders an attendant to bring something “to take”-“Similar to the squire’s!” he ejaculates, hoarsely.
“Gentlemen!” says his honour, as if seized with the recollection of some important appointment, the time for which was close at hand, drawing out his watch, “Call witnesses as fast as possible! The evidence in this case, I reckon, is so direct and positive, that the case can be very summarily despatched.”
“I think so, too! yer ‘oner,” interrupts Terrance M’Quade, starting from his seat among the five jurors. Terrance has had what in vulgar parlance is termed a “tough time” with several of his own stubborn negroes; and having already heard a deal about this very bad case, is prepared to proclaim him fit only to be hanged. His honour reminds Terrance that such remarks from a juror a nike free 3.0 review re neither strictly legal nor in place.
The first witness called is Toby, a slave of Terrance M’Quade, who has worked in the same shop with Nicholas. Toby heard him say he got his larnin’ when he was young,–that his heart burned for his freedom-that he knew he was no slave by right-that some day would see him a great man; that if all those poor wretches now in slavery knew as much as he did, they would rise up, have their liberties, and proclaim justice without appealing to heaven for it!-”
“I said all that, and more!” interrupted the criminal bondman, rising quickly to his feet, and surveying those around him with a frown of contempt.
“Silence! sit down!” resounds from the officer. ③

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