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“Yes, but notes aint cash; and our banks are shut down as tight as steel traps. At all events make it bankable, and add the interest for six months. It’s against my rules of business, though,” returns Graspum, with great financial emphasis.
After considerably more v cheap ghd straighteners £50 ery nice exhibitions of business tact, it is agreed that Mr. Grabguy takes the “imp” at five hundred and twenty dollars, for which Graspum accepts his note at six months, with interest. Mr. Grabguy’s paper is g ghd hair straightener ood, and Graspum considers it equal to cash, less the interest. The “imp” is now left in charge of the negro, while the two gentlemen retire to the private counting-room, where they will settle the preliminaries.
A grave-looking gentleman at a large desk is ordered to make the entry of sale; as the initiate of which he takes a ponderous ledger from the case, and, with great coolness, opens its large leaves. “Nicholas, I think his name is?” he ejaculates, turning to Graspum, who, unconcernedly, has resumed his seat in the great arm-chair.
“Yes; but I suppose it must be Nicholas Grabguy, now,” cheap ghd straighteners next day delivery returns Graspum, bowing to his book-keeper, and then turning to Mr. Grabguy.
“One minute, if you please!” rejoins that gentlemen, as the sedate book-keeper turns to his page of N’s in the index. Mr. Grabguy will consider that very cheap ghds important point for a few seconds.
“Better drop the Marston, as things are. A good many high feeling connections of that family rem cheap ghd straighteners ain; and to continue the name might be to give pain.” This, Graspum says, he only puts out as a suggestion.
“Enter him as you say, gentlemen,” interposes the clerk, who will mend his pen while waiting their pleasure.
Mr. Grabguy runs his right hand several times across his forehea heap ghd hair straighteners uk d, and after a breathless pause, thinks it as well not to connect his distinguished name with that of the nigger,–not just at this moment! Being his property, and associating with his business and people, that will naturally follow. “Just enter him, and make out the bill of sale describing him as the boy Nicholas,” he adds.
“Boy Nicholas!” reiterates the book-keeper, and straight-way enters his name, amount fetched, to whom sold, and general cheap ghd flat iron description, on his files. In a few minutes more-Graspum, in his chair of state, is regretting having sold so quick,–Mr. Grabguy is handed his bill of sale, duly made out. At the same time, that sedate official places the note for the amount into Graspum’s hands. Graspum examines it minutely, while Mr. Grabguy surveys the bill of sale. “Mr. Benson, my clerk here, does these things cheap ghd air up according to legal tenour; he, let me inform you, was brought up at the law business, and was rather celebrated once; but the profession won’t pay a man of his ability,” remarks Graspum, with an “all right!” as he lays the note of hand ghd outlet down for Mr. Grabguy’s signature.
Mr. Benson smiles in reply, and adjusts the very stiffly starched corners of his ponderous shirt collar, which he desires to keep well closed around his chin. “An honourable man, that’s true, sir, can’t live honestly by the law, now-a-days,” he concludes, with measured sedateness. He will now get his bill-book, in which to make a record of the piece of paper taken in exchange fo ghd ireland r the human ‘imp.’
“Clap your name across the face!” demands Graspum; and Grabguy seizes a pen, and quickly consummates the bargain by inscribing his name, passing it to Mr. B enson, and, in return, receiving the bill of sale, which he places in his breast pocket. He will not trouble Mr. Benson any further; but, if he will supply a small piece of paper, Mr. Grabguy will very kindly give the imp an order, and send him to his workshop.
“Will the gentleman be kind enough to help himself,” says Mr. Benson, passing a quire upon the table at which Mr. Grabguy sits.
“I’ll trim that chap into a first-rate mechanic,” says Mr. Grabguy, as he writes,–“I have bought the bearer, Nicholas, a promising chap, as you will see. Take him into the shop and set him at something, if it is only turning the grindstone; as I hav’nt made up my mind exactly about what branch to set him at. He’s got t ghd straighteners emper-you’ll see that in a minute, and will want some breakin in, if I don’t calklate ‘rong.” This Mr. Grabguy envelopes, and directs to his master mechanic. When all things are arranged to his satisfaction, Nicholas is again brought into his presence, receives an admonition, is told what he may expect if he displays his bad temper, is presented with the note, and despatched, with sundry directions, to seek his way alone, to his late purchaser’s workshop.
“Come, boy! ain’t you going to say ‘good-by’ to me ‘afore you go? I hav’nt been a bad master to you,” says Graspum, putting out his hand.
“Yes, master,” mutters the child, turning about ere he reaches the door. He advances towards Graspum, puts out his little hand; and in saying “good by, master,” there is so much childish simplicity in his manner that it touches the tender chord embalmed within that iron frame. “Be a goo ghd straightener ireland d little fel cheap ghd wide plate straighteners low!” he says, his emotions rising. How strong are the workings of nature when brought in contact with unnatural laws! The monster who has made the child wretched–who has for ever blasted its hopes, shakes it by the hand, and says–“good by, little ‘un!” as it leaves the door to seek the home of a new purchaser. How strange the thoughts invading that child’s mind, as, a slave for life, it plods its way through the busy thoroughfares! Forcibly the happy incidents of the past are recalled; they are touching reclections-sweets in the dark void of a slave’s life; but to him no way-marks, to measure the happy home embalmed therein, ③

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