Jersey shore is one among the foremost attention-grabbing shows on the earth and also the new season 4 goes to be even additional interesting as a result of it is being shot in Italy. Currently I like Italy and it will probably be a great and wonderful advertisement for the country. However these guys are a few man, I mean I will’t even believe that they will be going all the approach to Italy to shoot this thing,  I bet a heap of the old families sitting in Staten Island and New Jersey are wincing at the thought of those youngsters in Italy.

I marvel what the Italians have to say regarding these guys in Italy? I mean after they are over there and that they get all drunk and faux to be Italian, do the Italians simply think they’re funny and hilarious or do they settle for them? Are Yankee in Europe treated rudely across the bat or do they actually care if you are of Italian descent or not,mbt prezzi?

Al in all, it ought to be very interesting. Jersey shore can be an awesome show in Season 4. I hope the gang gets into a heap more interesting situations. I used to be thinking the other day how cool would it not be if the Jersey Shore Gang should start solving mysteries like in Scooby Doo. Who would Shaggy be? Shaggy would positively have to be the one with the spiky hair.

I mean come back on, it’s to be him right? How fascinating would that be, Jersey shore is one of those shows that nobody admits to watching and nevertheless it has the highest ratings amongst any reality tv show these days,mbt scarpe. If no one is watching it, then why does it have such unbelievable ratings? I would not understand man,mbt vendita. Jersey shore is an awesome show. I mean simply admit it already. It will not get any higher than that show and you recognize it.

Most people who are reading this text have watched at least a couple episodes of Jersey shore otherwise you’d not be reading this text at fine? It is one among my favorite shows, I will certainly admit it and so should you. Jersey shore rocks! Thus go ahead and founded your TIVO or your DVR and go ahead and record the show. You recognize you want to and you recognize you’ll be watching season four with baited breath.

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