Microsoft sourcing components for Windows Phone-connected smart watch

Microsoft sourcing components for Windows Phone-connected smart watch Microsoft is reportedly looking to join the burgeoning wearable computing market with the impending launch of a smart watch product, designed for use with smartphones running its Windows Phone 8 operating system. According to unnamed executives speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft is already stockpiling parts to produce a range of own-brand smart watch products designed for use with Windows Phone 8 smartphones or the company’s Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets. Like rivals in the market, Microsoft’s smartwatch would include a display that provides at-a-glance access to emails, texts, and social networking feeds, along with tying in to other functions in the smartphone including GPS. If the claims are true, Microsoft would be far from alone in the market: the Wall Street Journal itself ran claims that Apple is working on a smart watch product in February this year, while it’s possible to get your hands on the technology now by purchasing a Pebble, sWaP Active or similar. Samsung fans will also be able to pick up the company’s own effort later this year. There is growing interest in the wearable computing market at present: the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets means people are increasingly connected when out of the house, but often don’t use that connectivity; tablets tend to stay in bags, and smartphones in pockets. Google’s solution to the problem is Project Glass, a wearable computer that includes a head-up display hovering in front of the user’s eye. Designed to end “smartphone addiction” according to company co-founder Sergey Brin, it remains to be seen if the concept will receive any more traction than the rather more discreet smart watch concept. Microsoft, for its part, has refused to comment on the rumour, stating only that it does not discuss “unannounced products.”For more information, please visit gsm Phone happyed01466

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