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Rosebrook watched the steaming craft as she crosses the bar, and dwindles out of sight. “Thou art safe, poor slave,” he says to cheap air max 90 himself, as she passes from view behind the distant peak.
Something touches him on the shoulder as he returns to his carriage. “Ah! this you, Pringle Blowers?” he exclaims, turning round suddenly, as the full face of that important personage presented itself. “Been seeing some friends off to–?”
“No,” replies Blowers, with seeming indifference. He is just shying round,–keeping an eye out for a smart kind of “a gal,” lost last week.
“Quite a misfortune, that, Blowers! God bless me, I’m sorry,” returns Rosebrook, dryly. Rosebrook invites him to get in and ride a short distance. Blowers has not the slightest objection; seats his square frame on the left side of the carriage. “Those were clever posters you put out for the appre nike air max 90 sale hension of that girl, Blowers!”
“Took some genius, I reckon,” interrupts Blowers, with broad la nike air max 1 ugh.
“They say she was very handsome, and, if it be true, I hope you may get her, Blowers,” continues Rosebrook, naively.
The disappointed man shakes his head, touches the other on the arm, and says, “Nothing is more sure!”
Chapter 44
How Daddy Bo air max 90 b Departed
LET us again beg the indulgence of the reader, while we go back to the night when Marston was found dead in his cell, and when that old negro, whose eventful history we shall here close, sat by his bed-side, unconscious that the spirit of master had winged its way to another world. Bob, faithful unto death, remained his lone watcher. Disguising his ownership, he has toiled from day to day that the fruits thereof might relieve master’s necessities; and he had shared them with the flowing goodness of a simple heart. In a malarious cell, how happy was he to make his be nike air max sale d on the cold plank beside his master’s cot, where he might watch over his declining spirit. Kindness was cheap nike air max his by nature,–no cruel law could rob his heart of its treasure: he would follow master to the grave, and lavish it upon the soil that covered him.
Having accompanied Franconia to the Rosebrook Villa, he will return to the prison and join Harry, alone watching over the dead. The city clock strikes the hour of eleven as he leaves the outer gate, and turns into the broad road leading to the city. The scene before him is vamped in still darkness; a murky light now and then sheds its glimmers across the broad road; and as he hurries onward, nike air max 90 contemplating the sad spectacle presented in the prison, happy incidents of old plantation life mingle their associations with his thoughts. He muses to himself, and then, as if b airmax 90 ewildered, commences humming his favourite tune-“There’s a place for old mas’r yet, when all ‘um dead and gone!” His soul is free from suspicion: he fears not the savage guardsman’s coming; the pure kindliness of his heart is his shield. How often has he scanned this same scene,–paced this same road on his master’s errands! How death has changed the circumstances of this his nightly errand! Far away to the east, on his left, the broad landscape seems black and ominous; before him, the sleeping city spreads its panorama, broken and sombre, beneath heavy clouds; the fretted towers on the massive prison frown dimly through the mist to the right, from which a low marshy expanse dwindles into the dark horizon. And ever and anon the forked lightning courses its way through the heavens, now tinging the sombre scene with mello cheap nike air max trainers w light, then closing it in deeper darkness.
Onward the old man wends his way. If he cheap nike air max be shut out from the prison, he will find shelter at Jane’s cabin near by, from whence he may reach the cell early next morning. Presently the dull tramp of horses breaks upon his ear,–the sound sharpening as they advance. Through the dimming haze he sees two mounted guardsmen advancing: the murmuring sound of their conversation floats onward through the air,–their side arms rattle ominously. Now their white cross belts are disclosed; their stalwart figures loom out. Nearer and nearer they approach: as the old nike air max classic man, trembling with fear, remembers he is without a pass, a gruff voice cries out, “Stop there!”
“A prowling nigger!” rejoins another, in a voice scarcely less hoarse. The old man halts in the light of a lamp, as the right-han nike air max d guard rides up, and demands his pass.
“Whose nigger are you?” again demands the first voice. “Your pass, or come with us!”
The old man has no pass; he will go to his master, dead in the county prison!
Guardsmen will hear neither falsehoods nor pleading. He doesn’t know “whose nigger he is! he is a runaway without home or master,” says the left-hand guardsman, as he draws his baton from beneath his coat, and with savage grimace makes a threatening gesture. Again he poises it over the old man’s head, as he, with hand uplifted, supplicates mercy. “Nobody’s nigger, and without a pass!” he grumbles out, still motioning his baton.
“He says his master is in gaol; that’s enough! Stop, now, no more such nonsense!” rejoins the other, as the old man is about to explain. “Not another word.” He is good prey, made and provided by the sovereign law of the state. Placing him between their horses, they conduct him in silence forward to the guard-house. He is a harmless captive, in a world where democracy with babbling tongue boasts of equal justice. “A prowler!” exclaims one of the guards- men, as, dismounting in front of the massive building, with frowning facade of stone, they disappear, leading the old man within its gre nike air max 95 at doors, as the glaring gas-light reflects upon his withered features.
“Found prowling on the neck, sir!” says the right-hand guardsman, addressing himself to the captain, a portly-looking man in a military suit, who, with affected importance, casts a look of suspicion at the old man. “Have seen you before, I think?” he enquires.
“Reckon so, mas’r; but neber in dis place,” replies Bob, in half-subdued accents.
You are nobody’s nigger, give a false account of yourself, and have no home, I hear,” interrupts the captain, at the same time ordering a clerkly-looking individual who sits at a desk near an iron railing enclosing a tribune, to make the entry in his book.
“Your name?” demands the clerk. ③

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