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“Lousy,” Michael said. The left side of his face ached except those parts that felt numb because of the drugged wire holding it together. He took the bottle of whiskey from the table and swigged directly from it. The pain eased.

Sonny said, “Easy, Mike, now is no t cheap nike air max trainers ime to get slowed up by booze.”

Michael said, “Oh, Christ, Sonny, stop playing the big brother. I’ve been in combat against tougher guys than Sollozzo and under worse conditions. Where the hell are his mortars? Has he got air cover? Heavy artillery? Land mines? He’s just a wise son of a bitch with a big-wheel cop sidekick. Once anybody makes up their mind to kill them there’s no other problem. That’s the hard part, making up your mind. They’ll never know what hit them.”

Tom Hagen came i nike air max sale nto the room. He greeted them with a nod and went directly to the falsely listed telephone. He called a few times and then shook his head at Sonny. “Not a whisper,” he said. “Sollozzo is keeping it to himself as long as he can.”

The phone rang. Sonny answered it and he held up a hand nike air max 90 as if to signal for quiet though no one had spo nike air max classic ken. He jotted some nike air max 1 notes down on a pad, then said, “OK, he’ll be there,” and hung up the phone.

Sonny was laughing. “That son of a bitch Sollozzo, he really is something. Here’s the deal. At eight tonight he and Captain McCluskey pick up Mike in front of Jack Dempsey’s bar on Broadway. They go someplace to talk, and get this. Mike and Sollozzo talk in Italian so that the Irish cop don’t know what the hell they are talking about. He even tells me, don’t worry, he knows McCluskey doesn’t know one word in Italian unless it’s ‘sold nike canada store i’ and he’s checked you out, Mike, and knows you can understand Sicilian dialect.”

Michael said dryly, “I’m pretty rusty but we won’t talk long.”

Tom Hagen said, “We don’t let Mike go until we have the negotiator. Is that arranged?”

Clemenza nodded. “The negotiator is at my house playi cheap nike air max ng pinochle with three of my men. They wait for a call from me before they let him go.”

Sonn nike canada y sank back in the leather armchair. “Now how the hell do we find out the meeting place? Tom, we’ve got informers with the Tattaglia Family, how come they haven’t given us the word?”

Hagen shrugged. “Sollozzo is really damn smart. He’s playing this close to the vest, so close that he’s not using any men as a cover. He figures the captain will be enough and that security is more important than guns. He’s right too. We’ll have to put a tail on Mike and hope for the best.”

Sonny shook his head. “Nah, anybody can lose a tail when they really want to. That’s the first thing they’ll check out.”

By this time it was five in the afternoon. Sonny, w nike canada online ith a worried look on his face, said, “Maybe we should just let Mike blast whoeve nike air max 95 r is in the car when it tries to pick him up.”

Hagen shook his head. “What if Sollozzo is not in the car? We’ve tipped our hand for nothing. Damn it, we have to find out where Sollozzo is taking him.”

Clemenza put in, “Maybe we should start trying to figure why lie’s making it such a big secret.”

Michael said impatiently, “B cheap nike air max ecause it’s the percentage. Why should he nike air max 90 sale let us know anything if he can prevent it? Besides, he smells danger. He must be leery as hell even with that police captain for his shadow.”

Hagen snapped his fingers. “That detective, that guy Phillips. Why don’t you give him a ring, Sonny? Maybe he can find out where the hell the captain can be reached. It’s worth a try. McCluskey won’t give a damn who knows where he’s going.”

Sonny picked up the phone and dialed a number. He spoke softly into nike air max the phone, then hung up.
“He’ll call us back,” Sonny said. ③

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