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Phillips said quickly without preamble, “Somebody shot your father outside his place. Fifteen minutes ag cheap nike air max trainers o. He’s alive but hurt bad. They’ve taken him to French Hospital. They got your brother Freddie down at the Chelsea precinct. You better get him a doctor when they turn him loose. I’m going down to the hospital now to help question your old man, if he can talk. I’ll keep you posted.”

Across the table, Sonny’s wife Sandra noticed that her husband’s face had gone red with flushing blood. His eyes were glazed over. She whispered, “What’s the matter?” He waved at her impatiently to shut up, swung his body aw http://leopardprintnike.blogspot.com/ ay so that his back was toward her and said into the phone, “You sure he’s alive?”

“Yeah, I’m sure,” the detective said. “A lot of blood but I think maybe he’s not as bad as he looks.”

“Thanks,” Sonny said. “Be leopard print nike air max home tomorrow morning eight sharp. You got a grand coming.”

Sonny cradled the phone. He forced himself to sit still. He knew that his greatest weakness was his anger and this was one time when anger could be fatal. The first thing to do was get Tom Hagen. But before he could pick up the phone, it rang. The call was from the bookmaker licensed by the Family to operate in the district of the Don’s office. The bookmaker had called to tell him that the Don had been killed, shot dead in the street. After a few questions to make sure that the bookmaker’s informant had not been close to the body, Sonny dismisse nike air max 90 d the info nike air max classic rmation as incorrect. Phillips’ dope would be cheap nike air max more accurate. The phone rang almost immediately a third time. It was a reporter from the Daily News. As soon as he identified himself, Sonny Corleone hung up.

He dialed Hagen’s house and asked Hagen’s wife, “Did Tom come home yet?” She said, “No,” that he was not due for another twenty minutes but she expected him home for supper. “Have him call me,” Sonny said. leopard print nike

He tried to think things out. He tried to imagine how his father would react in a like situation. He had known immediately that this was an attack by Sollozzo, but Sollozzo would never have dared to eliminate so high-ranking a leader as the Don unless he was backed by other powerful people. The phone, ringing for the fourth time, interrupted his thoughts. The voice on the other end was very soft, v cheap nike air max ery gentle. “Santino Corleone?” it asked.

“Yeah,” Sonny said.

“We have Tom Hagen,” the voice said. nike air max sale “In about three hours he’ll be released with our proposition. Don’t do anything rash until you’ve heard what he has to say. You can only cause a lot of trouble. What’s done is done. Everybody has to be sensible now. Don’t lose that famous temper of yours.” The voice was slightly mocking. Sonny couldn’t be sure, but it s#囡unded like Sollozzo. He made his voice sound muted, depressed. “I’ll wait,” he said. He heard the receiver on the other end click. He looked at his heavy gold-banded wristwatch and noted the exact time of the call and jotted it down on the tablecloth.

He sat at the kitchen table, frowning. His wife asked, “Sonny, what is it?” He told her calmly, “They shot the old man.” When he saw the shock on her face he said roughly, “Don’t worry; he’s not dead. And nothing else is going to happen.” He did not tell her about Hagen. And then the phone rang for the fifth time.

It was Clemenza. The fat man’#囿 voice came wheezing over the phone in gruntlike gasps. “You hear about your father?” he asked.

“Yeah.” Sonny said. “But he’s not dead.” There was a long pause over the phone and then Clemenza’s voice came packed with emotio#囝, “Thank God, thank God.” Then anxiously, “You sure? I got word he was dead in the street.”

“He’s alive,” Sonny said. He was listening intently to every intonation in Clemenza’s voice. The emotion had seemed genuine but it was part of the fat man’s profession to be a good actor.

“You’ll have to carry the ball, Sonny,” Clemenza said “What do you want me to do?”

“Get over to my father’s house,” Sonny said. “Bring Paulie Gatto.”

“That’s all?” Clemenza asked. “Don’t you want me to send some people to the hospital and your place?”

“No, I just want you and Paulie Gatto,” Sonny said. There was a long pause. Clemenza was getting the message. To make it a little more natural, Sonny asked, “Where the hell was Paulie anyway? What the hell was he doing?”

There was no long#噱r any wheezing on the other end of the lin#噱. Clemenza’s voice was guarded. “Paulie was sick, he had a cold, so he stayed home. He’s been a little sick all winter.”

Sonny was instantly alert. “How many times did he stay home the last couple of months?”③

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