you need to come back for cholesterol checks regularly

Cholesterol is your silent enemy. Before you even think about checking its levels, they’re already so high that you need your doctor’s help to get cholesterol under control. That’s when you think that if you only did something to prevent cholesterol levels in your body from spiking, you wouldn’t have to take medication, closely monitor your diet and worry that your heart is in danger. Scary scenarios aside, no matter if your current cholesterol levels are in norm or elevated, there are some things you can do for yourself that will get you on the right track, so you may be able to avoid pharmacological treatment.
First of all take a good look at what you eat and also how it’s prepared. Eating well is not about cutting out all your favorites and never eating another fried thing again, it’s about being smart and putting together an optimal diet, If you start including more Omega 3 rich fish, vegetables, healthy grains and lean meats, as well as start drinking more water, you should start noticing lower cholesterol results. In addition look for foods rich in , like certain cereal, poultry and low fat milk, and avoid, or at least limit, cholesterol bombs like egg yolks. And since it’s not only about what you eat but also how it’s prepared, be sure to grill,, steam or broil rather than fry and cook your food, and when possible, reach for raw veggies to provide the most vitamins ad nutrients.

Next, look into your lifestyle. If you’re spending a lot of time behind your desk at work only to come home to take your place on the couch, it’s time to make some changes, Regular exercise can do wonders for your cholesterol levels and overall physical, and mental, condition, so be sure to start working out at least twice a week. A proper routine will include some weight bearing exercises together with stretching and cardio, so try different sports until you find something you like. Asking a friend to join you can also be helpful, as you’ll have additional motivation plus you may be pushed to try something new, like yoga or spinning, that will prove perfect for you.
Last but not least, don’t avoid your doctor. Have your cholesterol checked and talk with your doctor if it’s at the right level for you. If yes, then ask about ways to keep it that way other than eating well and exercising, for example supplements, and if no, then you need to take a more active approach that may include medication, at least at first. And no matter what your initial results are, you need to come back for cholesterol checks regularly, to see if your routine is working or to know when it needs adjusting.
High cholesterol can lead to serious health problems, so it’s just not wise to not take any interest in it. The sooner you start regularly checking your cholesterol levels, even if you don’t have family history of cholesterol-related problems, the better off you’ll be in the future, so make an appointment with your physician to get tested, take a look at what’s for dinner to make necessary adjustments, and get away from the computer right now. Your heart will tank you.

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