Brief introduction to features of new ball mill

Before purchase the ball mills, first of all need to understand what are the characteristics of grinding machine, so as to select good machine, and in life can also make better use of it and get better effects, then what are the characteristics of high ball grinding mill, following let”s make a brief.

1. The machine material mainly use emery cloth belt, while usually electrical equipment in addition to use Japan Izumi Fujinon and the whole machine is sprayed with plastic, color can be divided into many types, the most common is micro-machine color.

2. The rails of the machine is from Taiwan linear guide.

3. The machine scraping gum use is a very unique card-lock design, alignment deformation Squeegee, a very good guard for grinding quality.

4. An automatic grinding machine can be used in two scraper, including mechanical scraper is a manual scraper abrasive, in addition, high-speed grinding machine scraper can be used in two modes, in accordance with the performance distinction between precision The grinding machine.

5. Some special general style of the design of the grinding wheel, abrasive cloth can not be good under pressure, will not cause Squeegee deformation and corrugated in the course of this case, and to ensure a good precision in the grinding.

6. The angle of grinding at a reasonable combined with the performance of a variety of special printing.

7. The configuration of the grinding machine will be equipped with washing dirt, it is designed to play a good role in reducing industrial emissions of pollution on health is well protected on the body of the operating staff, also play the role of maintenance to the device. Extended the life of machine.

8. The staff on the operation of automatic grinding machine can make a good understanding and use, operation is very easy, only need to see the instructions to know what to do, does not require very specialized knowledge, you can understand it, the operation methods of high-speed grinding machine and the operating practices of the precision grinding is the same with automatic grinding machine, which is very easy to bring great convenience to the user and friends.

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