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Women all over the world love collecting girly things such as high heels, perfume, rings, bags and dresses , but suppose you can collect probably the most desired item in every of these categories? Have a look at have a look at one of the most outrageously priced things a lady could ever hope to see in her wardrobe cupboard…

Dressed to kill
Naturally one of the most expensive dresses ever was worn around the Red Carpet in Hollywood. Samantha Mumba wore the Scott Henshall creation towards the premier of Spiderman 2. The dress, fitted with 3000 diamonds, cost about R57 million. The more costly and sparkly wedding dress in the world was worn by Renee Strauss. Clothes, adorned with 150 carats worth of diamonds, cost about R84 million.

Priceless toes
Any man with a wife who likes Stuart Weitzman shoes is just bound to go under if he doesn make billions. Weitzman is responsible for creating some of the most expensive heels ever made. One pair, which has been inspired with the shoes worn in Wizard of Oz, was put on display in Harrods in 2003. These comfortable shoes, adorned exceeding 600 rubies,Louis Vuitton, were built with a asking price in excess of R7 million. Another pair,louis vuitton sac, which Mullholland Drive actress Laura Harring wore for the Oscars, is protected in many than 400 diamonds and features a cost greater than R7 million too.

Brilliant bag ladies
Spectacular ladies handbags will almost always be on the go, but none of them just as much as the Hermes Birkin bag which was sold approximately R13 million in 2008. Created from platinum, the versatile bag is adorned using more than 2000 diamonds even though the strap can be removed and used like a necklace or bracelet. Some of the most coveted bags on the planet come from the Hermes design label. Possibly also known, but just as desirable, could be the Lv array of bags. One of their noticably creations could be the Lv Tribute Patchwork bag, which is created from 15 samples of other Lv bags. The bag was launched in 2007 and sold-out presently, at a price of more than R300 000 each.

Desirable rings
The king of all rings has to be the Chopard Blue Band, that is valued at a lot more than R117 million. The 18 carat white gold band is covered in diamonds as well as set having a huge blue diamond, which can be the most expensive stones on earth. Another of their pricey offerings comes in at a lot more than R14 million. The cocktail ring with half moon diamond shoulders is completed using a 33 carat solitaire diamond with a platinum band.

Priceless smells
A bottle of Clive Christian Imperial Majesty perfume cost about R1.5 million a bottle. Each bottle, ones only ten were ever produced, is encrusted which has a white diamonds and gold.
Why would anyone wish to wear something is more epensive compared to a small island to insure? The end result is that anyone prepared to pay for items like these probably doesn care too much concerning the price in the first place (except for bragging purposes). It might seem desirable in order to purchase stuff like these fresh fruits ladies, heels tend not to make woman,!

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