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Using medical uniforms have been made mandatory in this age when people are more likely to fall ill due to the spread of harmful chemicals and elements present everywhere, ranging from food we eat to air we breathe. The chances of spread of infections are more inside hospitals where patients with infections arrive for treatment. Doctors who treat patients are also likely to fall victim of such infections if they don’t take necessary precautions,mbt footwear sale. In fact those precautions also help prevent spread of infection from one patient to another. The most important protective items used by doctors are gloves, doctor uniforms,http://mbtfootwearuk.webs.com/, nursing scrubs, surgical scrubs, caps and others. Proper maintenance and cleanliness are two most important things which decide the level of hygiene inside the hospital premises. These work wear have to be sterilized to prevent the spread of infection.
Most of the time, doctors or even nurses are seen wearing hospital uniforms even outside the operating room. Its mainly because such outfits are very comfortable and also help patients to recognize who the hospital employees are. Therefore, hospital uniforms is very necessary inside the hospitals.

However, the things are not only limited to this and having hospital uniforms is not only enough to maintain hygiene and sterility inside the premises. Lack in proper maintenance of doctor’s outfit can also lead to unavailability of proper medical facilities or effective healthcare services. Mainly because, these outfits if not cleaned properly and not sterilized then they can act as the breeding ground for hundreds of harmful bacteria and other disease causing organisms.
According to some studies, it has been found that over 60% of doctors or nurses wear uniforms that carry potentially harmful microorganisms. In a recent study samples from nurses’ and doctors’ uniforms were collected and the final result of test was positive for dangerous bacteria. The most prominent areas of threat of uniforms as shown by the result were abdominal zone, sleeves end and pockets. Actually these areas remain in close contact with the patient and hence, chances of acquiring infections are very prominent,mbt shoes uk.
About 60% of uniforms used by doctors and nurses were found harboring pathogens,http://cheap-mbt-shoes-uk.webs.com/. In fact some of the pathogens like about 20 were found to be multi-drug resistant. The result of these studies clearly indicate that healthcare facilities and services are not as effective as it should be,mbt on sale. With the doctors and nurses carrying threatening pathogens, no patient can feel safe even inside clean hospital and doctor’s supervision.
Author is a professional content writer employed with Bouclier – A leading manufacturer company. She has written and published many articles on various medical clothing. In this article she has discussed on the latest technology which are used to manufacture protective clothes.

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