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I’ve got news for you. Search engines can’t really identify the quality of something that is written,mbt sandals. Nor can they tell how well a video is made, or how well a picture yields information or evokes an emotion. Until they can do all this (or at least the part about writing) Search Engine Optimization and the high quality company will be a vital and important part of moving websites to the top of search engine results pages,http://mbtsandalsuk.webs.com/.
The first thing to understand is that web content “relevancy” is nowhere even close to web content “quality,http://discoutmbtshoes.webs.com/.” Relevancy is a much lower bar to clear than quality. We all know that Invasion of the Body Snatchers is no match for Lord of the Rings when it comes to the overall quality of these two movies. But they are, indeed, quite relevant to each other in that they are Sci-Fi movies. And that’s the level of determination that Google and other search engines are at right now.

That means that keywords and SEO software will continue to play a vital role in bringing websites to the top on search engines. As an SEO software company we are quickly able to move most of our clients up on search by using SEO software to identify keywords and creating relevant off page content with those keywords and our clients are rewarded with top-level search positions.
Of course, you can write great stuff, shoot great videos and post award winning photos and Google won’t be able to tell how good the writing is. More disturbing…they can’t even see the videos or pictures. That’s why there are all kinds of highly relevant but low quality garbage placed on websites, directories, blogs and the like posted right along with the good stuff.
We are a rare SEO software company that only posts high quality content. So why would we take the time, or have our clients spend the money, to put good content on their sites, or on links to other sites? First, viewers can easily discern the quality of content if search engines can’t. After all, if there’s nothing good to see, they’ll assume there’s nothing good to buy. Second, remember that, unless you’re spending a fortune on TV and radio, the content on your site is one of the two major representations of your brand (the other being your products or services). Third, even though Google, Yahoo and Bing aren’t adept at determining quality, they are working on it every day. We’re actually starting to see instances where Google has dinged websites where the site has highly relevant off-page content, but it is so horrible that Google has been able to tell,http://mbtonsale.webs.com/.
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