New ‘iPad 5′ Case Leaks Again Suggest Slimmer iPad mini-Like Design

New ¡®iPad 5¡ä Case Leaks Again Suggest Slimmer iPad mini-Like Design We¡¯ve heard time and time again that Apple¡¯s 5th-gen iPad will be significantly thinner than its predecessor, and will feature a design similar to the iPad mini, with narrow side bezels. Newly leaked designs from a case manufacturer in Asia are the latest clues backing up the rumored (and seemingly likely) design trend. photo-copy tactus_ipad_5_4_cases photo-copy-2 The images come to us from Tactus, who also make a number of unlikely claims about the device¡¯s specs and release date ¨C but the cases are the most interesting bit. It takes a significant investment for a case manufacturer to program their machinery and produce a run of cases ¨C meaning that a manufacturer would have to be quite sure of the future design in order to take the financial risk. Aside from the Tactua images, Engadget has also posted separate images of similar cases. The leaked cases also match up to previous part leaks hinting at the next-gen iPad¡¯s design, including both front and rear shell parts. While it is impossible to say whether these designs are the result of inside information or reactions to rumors, at his point, it seems clear that this is indeed the design that Apple intends to use.For more information, please visit ipad keyboard case happyed01466

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