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This group of 14 kids ( and their coaches ,achat ralph lauren pas cher, parents and extended families) all have one goal in common—-soccer ,ralph lauren pas cher!! To watch the friendships grow at any age through this sport is amazing. the connection, the bond and their spirit is proof,polo ralph lauren femme.3 times a week,polo ralph lauren pas cher!

With a second place standing in their division in the previous year ,ralph lauren soldes, the Knights started the 2012 season with some new names added to their roster,polo ralph lauren. With a few season games behind them ( 1-1) the next focus was the Ice Breaker tournament,ralph lauren femme. However, the Rockland Knights, with their coaches,polo ralph lauren pas cher, would eventually face many challenges that weekend,polo ralph lauren. Early in the competition,ralph lauren pas cher, the goalie fell ill and had to be replaced. The backup goalies quickly jumped into action without complaint. Meanwhile,polo ralph lauren pas cher, the team was also without 3 of their players due to scheduling conflicts and a fourth player was sent to a nearby clinic with game injuires,ralph lauren pas cher. Rockland Knights

Please consider us for Team of the Week. we are ready for that honour!

The Rockland Knights are a group of boys who just love the game,ralph lauren pas cher. They show up for practice, for games,ralph lauren soldes, for tournaments, rain or shine, early mornings and long days and always with a smile on their faces and a ball bouncing at their feet. In fact, our coaches have a harder time getting the boys to take a break between games and sit still! They are always ready to grab a ball and practice some footwork, take some shots and just have fun. They are always supportive of one another,ralph lauren 2013, show true sportsmanship and show by example what a great soccer team can really be. I’m so proud to be a parent of one of the great players on the team.

Here’s a team that deserves to be BMO’s Team of the Week. They show so much dedication to the sport,polo ralph lauren pas cher, they have so much respect for one another and towards their coaching staff,polo ralph lauren, that this makes them such a beautiful team to watch. Not just at games, but also at practices. They will always be encouraging each other wether it be for a good play or even after a mistake,polo ralph lauren pas cher. They show the parents and the other teams that they are not above anyone else.

We don’t just have parents coming to the games, now we are starting to see neighbors, co-workers. They hear so much wonderful things that they want to see for themselves. They do not leave disappointed. The coaching staff is just amazing. As a parent, you could not ask for anyone else to coach your son. They as well, are dedicated to this team with non stop action during practices, fair play time during games no matter what the situation is. Thank you coaches.

These 14 amazing players are fully aware that it’s not always about winning or losing, it’s also about having fun, hooking up with teammates/friends and having a good time.

They represent the Rockland United Soccer Club with pride, and we are all proud of you.

As a big sister to a chlid on this team and also being involved with the coaching staff I have had the pleasure of watching this team grow together since early March. The time and dedication that these boys put in is remarkable. The best part of the whole thing is watching their friendships and love for the game grow! The coaching staff is not only teaching the boys how to play soccer, but how to love soccer and how to be a part of a team. The boys are taught to respect and stand up for eachother as team mates and as friends. All in all, this life experience that each and every child is getting is something that they will take with them as they grow as soccer players, and as they turn into young teenage boys!! Needless to say I am extremely proud to be associated with this team!!! Go Knights Go!!

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