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polo ralph lauren,http://homme.frpoloralphlauren2013.com™,polo ralph lauren pas cherWhen you hitchhike you talk to many different people from all social classes,polo ralph lauren pas cher. This is one of the most fascinating aspects for me,ralph lauren 2013. Here,polo ralph lauren pas cher, I will recount some of the conversations and experiences I had – don’t expect literary highlights,polo ralph lauren pas cher, but pure tales from the road.

September 10: Dresden-Leipzig,polo ralph lauren big pony, 120 km,ralph lauren pas cher, 1:30 hours

All day I have been packing my bags, cleaning up my room and preparing mentally for the first step on a voyage of a thousand miles – as Lao Tse had already know, you have to start with this one difficult first step,polo ralph lauren discount. It was difficult for me,ralph lauren 2013. As usual,polo ralph lauren, when I hitchhike from Dresden, my grandfather offered to take me to the highway,ralph lauren pas cher. But in the afternoon he is gone, and I have to wait a while for him,polo ralph lauren. At 19:30, pretty late start,ralph lauren soldes, we drive off,polo ralph lauren. When we enter the Autobahn, adrenaline starts pumping through my venes,polo ralph lauren pas cher. All the worries and lazyness of the last days and weeks starts to fall off. I am finally starting,ralph lauren pas cher! World, here I come,ralph lauren pas cher.:-)

Opa decides to take me a few kilometers down the road to the first rest area “Dresdner Tor” – “Gate to Dresden”,ralph lauren, for me the gate to the world. We say goodbye and I have my first look around. Not much going on at this time, just before eight,polo ralph lauren pas cher. Asking a few people, but they are not going towards Leipzig. Then a car pulls in, and my heart jumps – L – reads the licence plate. I love the German plates, you can always tell where people are going or coming from. Going straigt to Leipzig is the driver’s response, and two minutes later I am in the car with Axel, speeding over the highway.

He had hitchhiked when he was younger, so no problem taking me along. He is doing the distance back and forth every day, because of the flood, the trains are not running between Leipzig and Dresden, so he has to do it by car. He’s working for a company that does technical tests on cars and parts of those, crash tests and such (Dekra). I disqualify myself by asking about the rubber dolls they use – those “dummies” nowadays actually cost about 50,000 Euros! He often travels to England and around Germany to test drive cars, quite a fun job I imagine. And once he even managed to roll over in one of them. Well, he wasn’t too proud of it to be honest with you.

One of the most interesting points he tells me besides his work is the fact that after the peaceful revolution of 1989 about 300,000 people left Leipzig like me and my family. I still don’t believe that, but he’s going to send me the statistics. Time passes quickly and once in the center of Dresden he drops me quite near to Bettina’s place, where I will stay tonight. It only took me an hour-and-a-half from my grandparents’ place in Dresden to the center of Leipzig. Speedy hitchhiking in Germany!

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