The unique merits of mining ore rod mill

Three ore rod mill can be referred to as three-roll machine, mainly used for laboratory and production these two kinds three roll mills, three roll mill is widely used in all walks of life, for example, which can be used in pharmaceuticals in the medicine field, in chemical coatings aspects it can be used for coatings, resins, pigments, inks, electrical insulating materials, in daily necessities it has cosmetics, and there are many fine processing of non-staple food, etc.. The main purpose is to smash some of the more substantial items and grind some more difficult to crush wet materials and mixed homogeneous.

The morphological characteristics of the three roll mill: the main material is the metal material, surface is with rollers, basically use a dual chilled metal alloy, its hardness is very high, is higher than the density of general metal materials, and resistant friction, under normal circumstances is difficult to be damaged. Three roll mill to its transmission system requirements are very strict, and the start of the sprocket is soft start, machine Lu in the process of running quite smooth, but also does not produce noise, in this well-run environment, also there are flown alongside the handwheel screw can timely adjust roll away from the very simple to operate and can be very accurate results, the operation is also very convenient. Especially in the food industry and mining crusher manufacturing industry it is first to use full automated and natural.

Use the granitic this material grinding machine such as ball grinding mill can produce various kinds of plant protein drinks, The advantage of using this material is no waste output drinks, which can be completely crushed, no precipitation, a variety of materials can be fully uniform, don”t stale, raw materials can basically get the full use, it is preferred grinding equipment for vegetable protein beverage manufacturers. For more information about the Mill, please Contact Us.

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