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definition of stationary grid in the Medical-related dictionary

stationary grid [st Etymology: L, stare + ME, gridere, louboutin outlet online gridiron

an x-ray grid that does not move or oscillate over the exposure of the radiographic movie. The graphic of your lead strips that compose the grid appears to the radiograph.

grid, n a tool implemented to forestall as much scattered radiation as you can from reaching a radiographic movie in the building of a radiograph. It is composed basically of the sequence of slender lead strips carefully spaced on their edges and separated by spacers of low-density material.

grid, fake christian louboutin boots crossed, christian louboutin replica n an arrangement of two parallel grids rotated in posture at best angles to each other. a grating; in radiology, christian louboutin replica a tool consisting essentially of the series of slender lead strips closely spaced on their own edges and separated by spacers of lower density material; chosen to lower the quantity of scattered radiation reaching the x-ray movie.

two. a chart with horizontal and perpendicular lines for plotting curves.

grid cassettea radiographic cassette which has a grid completely set up in it.

grid cutoffexcessive loss of radiation beam as a result of incorrect angulation among the tube christian louboutin replica the|and then the|together with the|and therefore the|and also|in addition to the|also, the} lead strips.

grid diaphragma grid interposed around the movie additionally, the x-ray beam. See also (one) over.

grid factorbecause within the filtering away from rays through the direct strips there exists a loss of penetrating influence for the beam to make sure that publicity time should be elevated.

targeted gridthe lead strips in the grid are sloped a little inwards on the top to ensure the apertures considerably more intently approximate the angle taken because of the rays within a diverging beam.

linear grida cassette grid where the radiopaque strips are parallel to each other.

grid mapa map marked by a grid of numbered intersecting parallel traces rendering it attainable to determine distinct areas numerically.

movable gridone that moves over the exposure for the film to the x-ray beam: a Potter-Bucky grid.

nonfocused gridsee parallel grid (down below).

parallel gridthe lead strips while in the grid are parallel to each other and vertical towards plane from the movie. This has the downside that way more diverging rays are absorbed via the grid on the edges from the movie than for the heart which includes a reducing of exposure there.

Potter-Bucky grida concentrated grid moved mechanically across the x-ray beam. Suited only to colossal installations. Termed also Bucky and Potter-Bucky diaphragm.

pseudo-focused gridsomething belonging to the exact same impact to be a concentrated grid is obtained by progressively lowering the peak with the strips in the grid since they approach the edge of your grid.

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