as it is wellknown that they will fight at the first opportunityhttp:// – a majority of Surenos killed on the streets died at the hands of a Norteno gunman, and vice versa.

In prisons and jails, the corrections officers and deputies have strict orders to keep known Surenos and Nortenos completely quarantined from each other, as it is well-known that they will fight at the first opportunity.

Yakuza, Triads, Filipino gangs may all fit in the law-enforcement category of “Asian” criminal organizations, but they have very different chains-of-command structures, different loyalties, different cultural identity and different criminal rackets and would not unite in any sort of “Asian brotherhood” coalition.

Who would “win” would largely be a function of which gang has the foresight to sit out the fighting and wait for others to expend their strength and have a good pipeline of food, medical supplies, ammunition/weapons and is the most capable of keeping their own soldiers in line and not engage in useless displays of power/force while more-impulsive rivals waste time and lives fighting each other over petty beefs,If all of the ethnic gangs in LA duked it out in a race war.

If I were a betting man, I would put it on either Russian Mafya or the Triads would prevail. They strike me as being the most long-term-planning oriented of the street gangs, and what they lack in raw numerical strength they make up for in cunning and ruthlessness.

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