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A 50th birthday or anniversary is seen as much more notable than a 49th or 51st,oakley pas cher, although no sudden changes happen then,lunette carrera pas cher. However,carrera pas cher, these occasions are a good time to think about where you are and how you got there,lunette carrera pas cher.

D-Cubed has just reached a major milestone,oakley. In fact,ray ban pas cher, it has reached two at almost the same time,lunette oakley.

Recently,oakley 2013, Design Simulation Technologiestook out a license for the D-Cubed 3D DCM component,oakley. Every customer is important to us but what makes this one extra special is that it is the 200th commercial license to be signed for a D-Cubed product since we were founded in 1989,ray ban pas cher. We are proud to reach this major milestone,carrera pas cher, and extend a warm welcome to everyone at Design Simulation Technologies,carrera pas cher. We look forward to working with you,carrera sunglasses.

Back in 1989 D-Cubed had just one product – the 2D DCM,discount ray ban. This is still our most widely-licensed component and to date we have 99 commercial licenses,acheter abercrombie. I’m going to claim that this is near enough to 100 to represent us hitting both milestones at the same time,carrera lunettes site officiel.

Of course,abercrombie soldes, a lot has changed since 1989,lunette carrera. Companies and products have been started,lunettes ray ban, have ended,lunette ray ban pas che, and have evolved,abercrombie femme, and as would be expected not all 200 licenses are currently active,Abercrombie. However,lunette oakley discount, the majority are very much still active,ray ban pas cher, and cover a wide range of companies and products in CAD,oakley, CAM,oakley pas cher, CAE and PLM,discount ray ban. For anyone interested in the details,lunette carrera, there is a list of some of our customers and their products on our web pages,lunette oakley.

The number of commercial licenses signed is just one measure of progress and another common metric is the number of end-user seats,lunette carrera. This is quite difficult for a component supplier to calculate,lunette oakley, but our best estimate is that there are upwards of 3,ray ban.5 million seats using one or more of the D-Cubed components,Abercrombie & Fitch. ReplyRetweetFavoriteHonored to be on this list,abercrombie femme.

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