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Nino grinned. “I don’t know. It’s different. Now when I go back to the old neighborhood I can say Deanna Dunn had me.”

Johnny laughed. “She can be better than that if she-invite cheap nike air max s you home with her. Did she?”

Nino shook his head. “I got too interested in the movie,” he said. But this time Johnny didn’t laugh.

“Get s nike air max 90 sale erious, kid,” he sai nike air max sale d. “A dame like that cn do you a lot of good. And cheap air max you used to boff anything. Man, sometimes I still get nigh nike air max tmares when I remember those ugly broads you used to bang.”

Nino waved his glass drunkenly and said very loud, “Yeah, they were ugly but they were women.” Deanna Dunn, in the corner, turned her head to nike air max classic look at them. Nino waved his glass at her in greeting. Johnny nike air max 1 Fontane nike air max sighed. “OK, you’re just a guinea peasant.”

“And I ain’t gonna change,” Nino said with his charmingly drunken smile.

Johnny understood him perfectly. He knew Nino was not as drunk as he pretended. He knew that Nino was only pretending so that he could say things which he cheap nike air max felt were too rude to say to his new Hollywood padrone when sober. He put his arm around Nino’s nike air max 90 neck and said affectionately, “You wise guy bum, you know you got an ironclad contract for a year and you can say and do anything you want and I can’t fire you.”

“You can’t cheap nike air max fire me?” Nino said w nike air max 95 ith drunken cunning.

“No,” Johnny said.

“Then fuck you, cheap nike air max trainers ” Nino said. ③

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