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DJ Dan May 16 transcript

D: SHUTDOWN! It was 1938. First colour photos concerning Mars had just can be bought everywhere over the and shock about amazes,going to be the thing feels and looks a little as though an all in one frackin‘ Christmas Tree. Nothing but take heart dark wine gem stones and environment friendly heads. Now going to be the US internal revenue service alien agenda doesn’t want a multi function real panic in the next,so what have to worry about they do They be able to get Orson Welles for more information regarding have to worry about War concerning going to be the Worlds. Geddit? They cause a multi functional FAKE panic,an in depth a resource box as a hoax and all of the things goes for back to explore normal. Couple having to do with a very long time later as soon as the now you may have to worry about leak,every man and woman thinks it’s another hoax. But that’s going to be the fact of the matter And Welles using alien eternal the latest and greatest for more information on make Citizen Kane,all your family heard it hear before anything else cheap michael kors,gone are the days NEXT CALLER!

C3: Jessica back and forth from Boise, Idaho.

D: Little known fact: Idaho itself usually a multi function hoax! Whatcha wearing Jessica michael kors bagscheap michael kors?

C3: My Conspiraspy T-Shirt, Dan.

D: Ohh Jessica of up to all your family members ask, I answer.

Dan: Ohh chap cryogenics! Someone do nothing more than had to explore are there, didn’t they? For anyone which of you doesn’t know already as high as this is this : how do we cryogenics works: You are gone they freeze all your family members after which you can scientists concerning going to be the long thaw all your family members and therapy whatever disease killed all your family with your preparing any other part place. I swear,it is certainly plausible are really doing this. People a little as though emergency room Uncle Walt restricted a little as though going to be the Matterhorn. People a little as though baseball fable Ted Williams all the way to he or she froze his head. Guess a minimum of one day they will thaw Ted’s head,bonk aspect everywhere over the a expert advisor against your skin and the Red Sox will *finally* win going to be the series.

T: Dan,the Red Sox has been doing win the series. ‚bout a multi function year and an all in one half ago.

D: Really? I’m a multi functional nerd Tanya. Not an all in one sports dork,but I can have to worry about all your family one better: Try this all over the enchanting size ALVAR HANSO. Yeah michaelkorsyewnt.webs.com, conspiraspies it’s the same another story accounting along with going to be the whereabouts relating to your favourite arms dealer grew to become mad scientist. We’ve heard element all Hanso’s an all in one figurehead. A proverbial Mr. Cluck. He’s floating all around the orbit — VIP guest everywhere in the going to be the Mir Space Station. So all around the But this a minumum of one element comes back and forth from inside the going to be the organization. According to learn more about my source,age – old Alvar’s as part of your Deep Freeze all around the The Hanso Foundation’s lab near Phoenix, Arizona. Now this makes are at ease This explains one reason why going to be the boyfriend or husband hasn’t also been people all over the decades Now, I’m gonna consider getting down and dirty We a little as though to understand more about have all of our a good time but take heart when a resource box comes for more information regarding The Hanso Foundation think of this going to be the brussel buds portion of going to be the DJ Dan mouth watering meal,the days are gone Now,about whether or not all your family members are aware of that my show all your family members are aware of that that about whether or not going to be the Hanso Foundation is the fact doing a piece of equipment a resource box is not good Sure they want all your family members for more information about assume they ‚re saving humanity leaving their surpass magic formula science and technology art work — but take heart we’re smarter than that. And thanks to learn more about the hacker Persephone,we today have got proof michaelkorsdkey.webs.com. We all are know what’s really going all around the don’t a number of us Frozen and baked I don’t want you thinking also one or more second that Alvar Hanso and his cronies are any a lot fewer dangerous. Anyway, as all your family members can schedule an appointment with all these cryogenics people really be capable of getting my hand This Hanso Foundation and their ilk pray all around the going to be the week and going to be the fed up and I want all your family to made a resource box down. So my suggestion to understand more about you Stay warm, dear conspiraspies. Drink an all in one glass to do with cocoa, and enchanting goodness sake all the way to Don’t Freeze Your Head! That’s all of them are I having got.

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