RKEY,RKEYNearly 30 percent of 15,polo ralph lauren,686 public school students surveyed reported occasional to frequent involvement in bullying,longchamp borse, either as a bully or a victim,sac chanel, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association,sac chanel. Researchers have found that the behavior is damaging both to perpetrators and victims,occhiali da sole carrera champion. In a study of sixth- to ninth-grade boys whom were classified as bullies,polo ralph lauren outlet, researchers at the anti-crime organization Fight Crime: Invest in Kids found that by the age of 24 nearly 60 percent had been convicted of at least one crime,Youth Aggression And Abusive Behavior What Are Some Of The Factors ,occhiali oakley. The Rand Corporation has also linked bullying to more serious violent behavior,longchamp outlet, as well as to elevated levels of anxiety and depression among victims,longchamp borse.

Given the high incidence and widespread media coverage of bullying in recent years,Youth Aggression And Abusive Behavior What Are Some Of The Factors ,oakley outlet, researchers have devoted significant effort to uncovering the factors that lead children and teens to act aggressively and abusively,chanel pas cher. Recently,carrera occhiali, Time magazine published an article about the effectiveness of encouraging empathy at reducing bullying and other violent acts,occhiali carrera outlet. The ability to consider how another person is feeling or reacting to a condition or situation is crucial to promoting healthy societal relationships,sac chanel pas cher. Children who have suffered neglect or trauma tend not to fully develop this skill and may behave more violently,occhiali oakley. Moreover,ray ban wayfarer, children who witness violent or abrasive interactions between their families or are subjected to spanking and other physical punishments are more susceptible to aggression,longchamp borse.

In another study,sac a dos, researchers focused more on the bystander than the bully or the victim,occhiali oakley, reported the website Sciencedaily,ray ban,oakley outlet. The study,lunettes chanel, conducted by the University College London and initially published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry,carrera occhiali, implemented a program in which empathy and power dynamics were emphasized and discussed with elementary school children and teachers daily for a period of three years,ray ban outlet. These schools were compared with schools where no intervention efforts were taken and in ones where children with behavioral problems received psychiatric counseling,oakley occhiali. Students were taught to attempt to understand what each other were experiencing rather than reacting to it,sac pas cher, thereby preventing them from accepting when classmates acted aggressively toward one another,longchamp outlet. Out of the three types of schools studied, those employing this program recorded the lowest incidence of bullying.

The findings of these and other studies suggest that focusing on how the members of a community—parents, students, teachers, and school administrators—interact with one another may be just as, or more, important than targeting students individually to preventing bullying and its injurious consequences in Orange and other counties throughout the nation, explains a lawyer.
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