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general Dr Jim Watterston says school accountability needs to improve

In his first week in office Dr Jim Watterston has told the State Government internet publication Education Views school accountability is an area that needs attention.

But “not in the sense likely to strike fear into staffrooms across the state”, Education Views assures its readers.

“Really, an accountability regime is about making sure that schools are focusing on the things that matter and accepting the accountability for those decisions,’ Dr Jim Watterston said.

“We must develop a cultural belief that the required expertise for successful change resides within the school rather than elsewhere,air jordans cheap.

“I actually think there’s some work to be done,cheap nike air jordan shoes, in Victoria as well as in Queensland, about principals understanding their role,fake christian louboutin, and what autonomy means in practice.

“Autonomy is not really about operating in isolation and trying to compete within the school sector, it’s about working collaboratively with colleagues on common problems of practice to bring about the best outcomes not only for your school, but also across the system.”

Dr Watterston said nationally there hadn’t been the improvement in school results expected given a “bountiful” decade of funding and teachers and principals couldn’t be asked to work any harder.

“For me it’s about implementing some major policy reforms that will enable people to be able to focus on the things that matter in order to be more efficient and effective,” Dr Watterston said.

“There are clearly reforms and strategic initiatives in place across Queensland which will lead to better performance. We need to be able to align those and develop some coherence around a common set of beliefs and actions.

“I will be engaging people in the co-construction of an ambitious and relevant agenda going forward, rather (than) coming in with clever ideas and telling you how it’s done elsewhere.”

Dr Watterston, who was behind an ambitious school reform agenda in the ACT and most recently worked as Victoria’s Department of Education and Early Childhood Development deputy secretary, started as Queensland’s new Department of Education, Training and Employment director-general on Monday.
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