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Fontane looked at Cheap ghds him with distaste. „Kid, you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. You act like you’re giving me good news when what you’re telling me is maybe I won’t sing anymore. Is that right, maybe I won’t sing anymore?“

Finally Jules was disgusted. He’d operated as a real doctor and it had ghd outlet been a pleasure. He had done this bastard a real favor and he was acting as if he’d be cheap ghd straighteners £50 en done dirt. Jules said coldly, „Listen, Mr. Fontane, I’m a doctor of medicine and you can call me Doctor, not kid. And I did give you very good news. When I brought you down here I was certain that you had a malignant growth in your larynx which would entail cutting out your whole voice box. Or which could kill you. I was worried that I might have to tell you that you were a dead man. And I was so delighted when I could say the word ‚warts.‘ Because your singing gave me so much pleasure, cheap ghd straighteners next day delivery helped me seduce g heap ghd hair straighteners uk irls when I was younger and you’re a real artist. But also you’re a very spoiled guy. Do you think because you’re Johnny Fontane you can’t get cancer? Or a brain tumor that’s inoperable. Or a failure of the heart? Do you think you’re cheap ghd flat iron never going to die? Well, it’s not all sweet music and if you want to see real trouble take a walk through this hospital and you’ll sing a love song about warts. So just stop the crap and get on with what you have to do. Your Adolphe Menjou medical man can get you the proper surgeon but if he tries to get into the operating room I suggest you have him arrested for attempted murder.“

Jules started to walk out of the room when Valenti said, cheap ghd air „Attaboy, Doc, that’s telling him.“

Jules whirled around and said, „Do you always get looped before noontime?“

Valenti said, „Sure,“ and grinned at him and with such good humor that Jules said more gently than he had meant to, „You have to figure you’ll be dead in five years if you keep that up.“

Valenti was lumbering up to him with little danc ghd straighteners ing steps. He threw his arms ar cheap ghds ound Jules, his breath stank of bourbon. He was laughing very hard. „Five years?“ he asked still‘ laughing. „Is it going to take that long?“


A month after her oper cheap ghd straighteners ation Lucy Mancini sat beside the Vegas hotel pool, one hand holding a cocktail, the other hand stroking Jules‘ head, which lay in her lap.

„You don’t have to build up your courage,“ Jules said cheap ghd wide plate straighteners teasingly. „I have champagne waiting in our suite.“

„Are you sure it’s OK so soon?“ Lucy asked.

„I’m the doctor,“ Jules said. „Tonight’s the big night. Do you realize I’ll be the first surgeon in medical history who tried out the results of his ‚medical first‘ operation? You know, the Before and After. I’m going to enjoy writing it up for the journals. Let’s see, ‚while the Before was distinctly pleasurable for psychological reasons and the sophi ghd straighteners stication of the surgeon-instructor, the post-operative coitus was extremely rewarding strictly for its neurological“— he stopped talking because Lucy had yanked on his hair hard enough for him to yell with pain.

She smiled down at him. „If you’re not satisfied tonight I can really say it’s your fault,“ she said.

„I guarantee my work. I planned it even though I just let old Kellner do the manual labor,“ Jules said. „Now let’s just rest up, we have a long night of research ahead.“

When they went up to their suite— they were Cheap GHD Straighteners living together now— Lucy found a surprise waiting: a gourmet supper and next to her champagne glass, a jeweler’s box with a huge diamond engagement ring inside it.

„That shows you how much confidence I have in my work,“ Jules said. „Now let’s see you earn it.“ ③

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