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Lighter skin is associated with beauty and this is not just a mere say. When you have lighter skin, you tend to get noticed faster and you also enjoy an improved self esteem. However, while many people believe that skin experts such as dermatologists have what it takes to give you the light skin, you can still do it yourself if you know how to whiten skin naturally fast at home. A dermatologist will charge you high fees and you may not experience fast results,mbt sandals. In the section below, you will discover 6 ways to get lighter skin at home naturally.
6 ways to get lighter skin at home naturally

i. Use citrus as your scrub
As you know, it is important to scrub your skin but natural scrubs will give you better results and faster results too. Citrus from lemon or lime are known to have lightening agents. You can use a slice to scrub your skin and allow it to dry for some 15 minutes after which you will rinse well with warm water.
ii. Use papaya soap to wash your face and your body
Papaya soap is also natural and one of the best answers about how to whiten skin naturally fast at home. It has bleaching acids, good exfoliating agents and beneficial vitamins that are good for your skin. After washing your skin with this soap, apply moisturizers and ensure you wear a natural sunscreen protection before you go out to the sun,mbt sandals uk.
iii. Use lemon to lighten skin
By soaking a slice of lemon in milk for 15 minutes and using it to pat your skin, you will get lighter skin naturally,http://cheap-mbt-shoes-uk.webs.com/. You need to leave the milk on your skin at least overnight and give it a thorough wash in the morning.
iv. Use milk as your facial cleanser
It is also important to cleanse your face and using milk as a cleanser once a week can work wonders for you. Milk due to its lactic acid will bleach and exfoliate your skin to make it lighter.
v. Wash skin with chamomile
Daily wash of your skin with a mix of chamomile onto boiling water and honey for some 15 minutes can also help you get lighter skin naturally fast.
vi. Use oat meal with tomato juice to bleach skin
If you bleach your skin using oat meal and tomato juice,mbt footwear uk, you will also get lighter skin fast at home. This should be repeated at least thrice a day for faster results. Marc Anthony is an expert in whiten skin naturally,http://mbtonsale.webs.com/. If you want to get more information about his article, please visit

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