or the nonlinear impact of fauvismhttp://todschaussurespaschereinfo

http://www.chaussuresmagasins.comMiss Attila wrote a post called Art for Art Sake,tods chaussures, from which the bolded questions,tod’s femme, here,tods Femme, are hers. I thought it would make a terrific meme for bloggers who like to consider such things,chaussures puma enfant. Like me

What constitutes art,tods soldes? How central is craft in true art,tods pas cher?

There is a certain genius in art,tods pas cher. A combination of skill,tod’s sac, imagination,chaussures puma, and technical mastery of medium,nike pas cher. In that last point I think that craft is very important,tods chaussures pas cher. Without that the vision never is fully expressed,pum pas cher.

And,tods chaussures, whose work do you dig the most: 1) the old masters,mocassins tod’s, 2) the impressionists, 3) Picasso/Kandinsky et al,Converse pas cher.?

I like artists in all three categories,chaussures pas cher. (1) Vermeer,tods pas cher, Da Vinci (2) I like most of the Impressionists always Monet, and I have a poster of Van Gogh seaside boats on my bedroom wall so I can look at it every morning,puma pas cher. (3) I like Miró probably the best in this group ( modern/abstracts)

Additionally I like Dürer, Chagall,chaussures pas cher, and the Pre-Raphaelites.

Should art support linear thought or complement it?

I think art should express what the artist intends and in a way meaningful for viewers. So either way it could be a valid expression. You will hit different levels of a persons mind and response depending on what manner of thinking the piece plays to. ( ie the linear highly representational -and with sophisticated symbolism- Renaissance art, or the non-linear impact of fauvism)

Should it be representational, or abstract?

You know, I like representational, but abstract is established and valid in form so that it can be questioned really. It is just a matter of preference plus the genius of that particular artist.

Should it delight the eye, or get one to think?

Well, that obvious. Both. That is what makes it great art.

Diamond DustCatch a Good Social HabitNicholas Christakis, a physician and social scientist at Harvard, found when examining data from a long-term study of the residents of Framingham, Mass., health habits can be as contagious as a cold virus. By his calculation, a Framingham individual’s chances of becoming obese shot up by 57 percent if a friend became obese. -People Who Forget To DieHomemakingThrough , I really saw what an influence a homemaker can have. How it’s not about drudgery or thankless martyrdom as you swoon from one unkempt room to another, it’s about setting the whole tone for your family. It’s not about being the family servant, it’s about serving your family by creating a place of peace, a place of warmth, a place of safety through your nurturing efforts. It’s not mindless labor,Art For Art Sake meme. It’s an artform.

And once I caught on that I had a choice – I could do everything halfway and whine about the fact that I had to feed myself everyday, or I could sack up and do it right – I set about my artistic training. -Reese Dixon.http://pumpascher.chaussurespaschere.info

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