GOptions Available Other Than Credit Card Debt Consolidation

t consolidation remains a viable method for consumers to get out from under monthly payments that cannot be afforded. Although many consumers turn to credit card debt consolidation, there are alternative methods,Grapes 5. Consider these options to better manage personal finances and reduce, if not eliminate,Louboutin, your debt.


This is a process through which consumers negotiate a settlement through hiring the assistance of companies specialising in coming to the aid of consumers in debt,Jordan 5 For Sale. Professional negotiators bargain with creditors reducing outstanding balances anywhere from 40 to 60 percent,Jordan 5. Through a negotiated settlement,Christian Louboutin UK, more than likely judgments,Louboutin UK, wage garnishments and other legal actions taken by creditors or collection agencies will stop,Grapes 5s For Sale. So will all those harassing telephone calls,Jordan 5 Retro.


Here is where consumers call upon credit card debt consolidation counselling agencies to gain assistance through a negotiated repayment plan. Involvement in a debt management program will lead to reduced interest rates and possible elimination of built-up late fees and other charges. The goal is to create a plan where the monthly payment can be realistically met and the consumer does not get into trouble any further,Grape 5s. A credit card debt management program may be in force until the entire amount of credit debt has been eliminated or until the crisis situation has been handled arriving at a point where normal interest rates and operating fees are re-established.


Obtaining a personal loan to consolidate a consumer’s credit card debt is a helpful solution that can be accomplished through hiring a debt consolidation loan company. The company will negotiate with all of a consumer’s creditors to reduce the interest rate and will pay off the debts. Then, the consumer makes one easily affordable monthly payment to the loan company. Sometimes, a credit card debt consolidation loan is a much less expensive method than a simple consolidation plan. However, if a consumer is in arrears and has tarnished a credit rating, this type of loan may be impossible to obtain. It is usually marketed to consumers who are up-to-date with all payments on time but are looking to reduce the total amount of monthly repayments by refinancing the entire amount at much lower interest to obtain a favourable amount that is far more reduced than the sum of the total repayments made.

Christian Debt Counselling and Consolidation

There are several Christian-based companies that conduct the same services as commercial ones except these are non-profit and usually pass greater savings along to consumers using their services. Some offer free credit card debt consolidation; others do not. There may be a “membership” fee to enrol in the plan at first. However, these services are often outreach ministries founded by large organisations seeking to really offer services that help people.


The ultimate self-service plan to get a handle upon finances and conduct good money management practices is to do it personally without the aid of a professional organisation. Preparing a budget and following the established repayment program agreement between a consumer and creditor is the best method to reduce total credit card debt while maintaining a strong credit rating.

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