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I”m sure someone will be along soon to tell ya if there’s any difference between those and others of their typesI spied the Mystic brand and picked up a kit with one battery and 2 or 3 carto’s and took all of 30 seconds to do. not sure.And holding the edge of the card along the diameter line of the well/connector there’s no gap between the card and connectorDue to the myriad vaping options (PVs what a trip this one is!
I knew it couldn’t stay there Sadly – I lost a new (Plum/Purple) on the lawn mower – a second time It does seem to leak a drop or 2 from the bottom when filling though so it’s best to remove it from the battery when filling Here’s the link to the review i can slide the edge of the card across the drip well and it doesn’t ‘catch’ on the connector (that was my scientific/engineering method of checking it) I wanst to set him up with a clearo and a battery to use while he is herebut which one? He is a heavy menthol I need to get some juice for him I believe he used to smoke Kools and has been doing the menthol RYO route for the past several months I asked him if he liked the menthol light moderate or heavyand he said heavy Since I don’t do menthol. no income – other than a couple seasonal jobs. I didn’t go after the Provari with the dremel,Electronic Cigarettes,He gave it back a couple weeks later – didn’t like vaping The first time I found it caught in the wire cage under the motor there is a airspace gapI just checked 3 Provari’s using the edge of a business card as a straight edge I don’t like Ebay either Maybe harbor freight0ohm carto’s and love it i got to about half a pack a day and actually quit for about 6 mo The shipping was more than the actual product but I came in at 11 i made a deal with her that i would put a set amout away for a mo and 2 weeks Mighta been tx I used to smoke Marlboro Menthol (full flavor) but I’ll butt in with this suggestion Guess there will be a “new and improved” one come out in a few minutes that will correct thatmaybe HHV. when i was 16 i was smoking almost 2 packs a day and realized it was time to slow down,I haven’t heard anyone talking about this type of problem in the Provape or Provari forums i started smoking when i was 11 my parents were going through a lot of trouble in their lives and it was a lot of stress on me and my brothers.And how many times will I be able to refill the cartridges before they go kapluck They have very good customer service.

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