jRating the Standard Morgana AutoCreaser 50 Scorer

Rating the Standard Morgana AutoCreaser 50 Scorer
Business Articles | September 1, 2010

If your workplace needs a scorer to add
to your collection of office machines, you should check out the Standard
Morgana AutoCreaser 50,Foamposites For Sale. Here is the lowdown on what this device has to
offer, as well as how it rates on a scale of 1 to 10.

If your workplace needs a scorer to add
to your collection of office machines, you should check out the Standard
Morgana AutoCreaser 50. Here’s the lowdown on what this device has to
offer, as well as how it rates on a scale of 1 to 10,Foamposites. The AutoCreaser 50 is compatible with a number of
different sizes of paper. The largest sheets it can handle measure 19.7”
x 27.5” while the smallest ones are 5.5” x 6.3”,Cheap Foamposites. The paper can range in
weight from regular 20 lb bond all the way up to 150+ point cover
stock.This device can do channel scoring which is great for
documents that have been printed on a laser or ink-jet printer. When you
process these types of items, they’ll be creased perfectly without
cracking. Thus, you’ll end up with professional-looking documents.If
you need to process a lot of sheets rather quickly, the AutoCreaser 50
can definitely help you out. It’s capable of handling as many as 6,500
sheets per hour depending on the size of the sheets as well as how many
times they need to be creased.This machine can score the
same sheets of paper up to 16 times so it’s great for materials that
require multiple folds such as brochures. If you find that you’re using
the same crease pattern(s) over and over again, you can program up to 9
sets into the device. Each set can contain up to 16 creases.The
AutoCreaser 50 comes with a lot of special features that help make it
very user-friendly. These include an LCD display so you can keep tabs on
the creasing process, a joystick, two different running speeds, and
casters for easy mobility. There’s also a reversible creasing mechanism
so you can do inverted creases as necessary.One of the
drawbacks of this machine is its size. It’s pretty large so it’s not
ideal for small workplaces. Its dimensions vary depending on whether
you’re using a tray or a jogger with it, but it basically measures 43”
(length) x 27.5” (width) x 40” (height). It’s also heavy, weighing in a
382 pounds. (The casters will be very helpful when you need to move it.)Finally, the AutoCreaser 50 comes with a pretty typical one-year warranty. Final rating: 9.
Overall, the Standard Morgana AutoCreaser 50 is a great scorer and it
would be good for a variety of different work environments (i.e.
schools, print shops, etc.). It has the ability to work with papers of
varying sizes so you’ll be able to process both small and large items,
as well as documents that have already been printed. This machine can
literally process thousands of sheets per hour, so it’s great for large
jobs. This device has a lot of special features so you’ll find it to be
very user-friendly and easy to use. You’ll just need to decide if the
machine is the right size for your workplace. If it is, consider taking a
look at this creaser today. You’ll be glad you did.

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