Eating disorders are serious illnesses that impact a sufferer’s mental and physical health. Watching a loved one deal with an eating disorder can be painful, confusing and frustrating. One of the best ways you can help a person who might develop anorexia, bulimia or binge eating, is to know the risk factors and be aware of friends and family members who could be in danger of experiencing these disorders,oakley holbrook. Remember,lunette oakley, each person is different and the trigger for an eating disorder is unique in each case,toms. The following list is by no means comprehensive, but it represents a sample of the most common risk factors for developing an eating disorder,alviero martini scoton.

Age: A person can develop an eating disorder at any age,louis vuitton outlet, but women in their teenage years and early 20s are the most susceptible. Rapid physiologic changes along with the developmental process of identifying and accepting oneself as well as the social pressures to be thin are greatest during this age range,oakley jawbone.

Dieting: Eating disorders often develop after a period of intentional weight loss. When a person begins to diet and exercise to lose weight,ray ban wayfarer, they are met with gushing praise about the changes in their appearance. Some become ill and are unable to stop food restriction even when becoming malnourished,occhiali ray ban. Compliments and positive attention for weight loss may contribute to the development of an identity that over values thinness as a primary source of self esteem.

Early Puberty: Women who physically mature before their peers will have an increase in body fat,borse alviero martini. This natural occurrence may make them feel greater pressure to be thin and control their eating patterns.

Emotional Disorders: In most cases, eating disorders do not occur in isolation. Instead, they develop along with adolescent depression, anxiety or obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD),alviero martini outlet. In fact,occhiali oakley, between 40 and 96 percent of people with eating disorders suffer from another form of mental illness at the same time. This is known as co-occurring disorders and can be difficult to identify and treat,louis vuitton borse.

Family History: People are more likely to develop an eating disorder if a family member has been diagnosed with or suffer from anorexia,oakley italia, bulimia or binge eating.

Family Influence: Although family influences can make it hard for a patient with an Eating Disorder to live with and improve in the recovery process,oakley lunettes, families are not the cause of the development of Eating Disorders.

Gender: Teen girls and young women are the most likely people to develop an eating disorder,occhiali oakley. Men are also known to experience eating disorders,cheap toms, but in far fewer numbers than women,alviero martini outlet. Men make up about five to fifteen percent of the people with anorexia or bulimia and about 35 percent of the people who binge eat,alviero martini borse outlet.

Genetics & Biochemistry: Eating disorders are a biologically based illness. Family studies show a clear genetic influence; eating disorders are as heritable as any psychiatric illness. Alterations in the pathways for numerous neurotransmitters have been implicated in the development and maintenance of all eating disorders,louis vuitton outlet.

History of Sexual Abuse: Past sexual abuse is common in women who develop mental illness including eating disorders,ray ban wayfarer, especially bulimia,occhiali oakley. In fact, approximately 35 percent of women who suffer from bulimia have been sexually abused,oakley frogskins. This may be associated with a loss of one’s self identity and sense of control,louis vuitton borse.

Personality Factors: Perfectionists who have high expectations of themselves and others are more likely to develop an eating disorder. These at-risk high achievers generally have a low self esteem and are prone to dichotomous thinking – seeing things as only good or bad,toms outlet, right or wrong. This line of thinking means a person will see being thin as good, and being the thinnest as the best,occhiali oakley.

Profession/Extra Curricular Activities: Although it is believed that athletes,cheap toms, actors, television personalities and dancers are more likely to develop eating disorders than other professions. There are three factors that need to be present for anyone who develops an eating disorder. One is a biological and genetic predisposition,occhiali ray ban. Two,borse alviero martini, is the societal and cultural influences. Three, is the psychologic traits and temperament of the individual,oakley pas cher.

Life Stressors: Moving to a new city, beginning college or starting a new job are all transitions that come with extreme emotional stress. This stress can trigger these three factors mentioned above but do not cause an eating disorder. The sense of control does help support the eating disorder when a person feels out of control.

If you suspect someone you love has an eating disorder, talk with them about your worries and encourage them to seek help. If eating disorders are left unchecked, they can be very harmful and even deadly. Don’t let discomforts about broaching the subject stop you from reaching out to someone who is in pain and needs treatment.

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