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Luxury iPhone Cases in Wood

What’s the big deal about wood? Fashionconscious consumers are getting excited over a traditional material for modern technological purposes. iPhone cases in wood are increasingly popular among people who want to make a statement with their iPhone. iPhone cases in wood, as well as cases in wood for iPods and other mobile devices,vanessa bruno sac yemen, are on the market to help protect and brightenup your iPhone. Wood makes a great durable option for protecting your phone. Although it is heavier than plastic, it tends to last longer and it also ages well. As wood becomes exposed to the elements, it darkens in color and is buffed to a smooth sheen,vanessa bruno sac jaune, creating an authentically aged appearance that is unique.

Wooden iPhone cases tend to be hand crafted and produced by specialist manufacturers. Wood is not traditionally used for accessories like mobile phone cases because it is relatively more expensive, it is heavier, and the effects cannot be reliably massproduced. This makes wooden cases more expensive but also completely unique. No two cases are the same in wood the individual grain finish differs between each case and ensures every owner gets a oneofakind phone case. There is a lot of choice in wood finish and color. Different woods create different effects, from dark teak wood to lighter and brighter woods. Other woods have been dyed to create blue or greentinged cases. You can buy engraved wooden cases that display your own design or a design created by the artists. This can also make an effective style statement,vanessa bruno sac cuir noir.

Wood is also much more environmentally friendly than plastic, which is sourced from petroleum and cannot effectively biodegrade. Wood is biodegradable and the process of making wooden cases doesn’t release as many harmful gases into the environment. If you are concerned about the regeneration of trees, purchase wooden accessories from producers who commit to replanting as many trees as they use for their products.

Most of all, wood creates a different impression to the regular plastic and metal coverings. Wood looks and feels more like a style statement, and an individual decision, than a massproduced plastic case. While the wooden cases are more expensive, they are popular with people who like to collect and display works of art, whether it’s art in the form of clothes, jewelry or accessories. With so many thousands of people carrying iPhones, the wooden case makes yours stand out from the crowd.
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