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“Say eightpence,” suggested Albert‐next‐door’s uncle, “which is all the small change I happen cheap nike air max to have on my person.”
“Thank you very much,” said Alice as he held it out; “but are you sure you can spare it? Because really it was only play.”
“Quite sure. Now, Albert, the game is over. You had better run home to your mother and tell her how much you’ve enjoyed yourself.”
When Albert‐next‐door had cheap nike air max trainers gone his uncle sat in the Guy Fawkes armchair and took Alice on his knee, and we sat round the fire waiting till it would be nike outlet store time to let off our fireworks. We roasted the chestnuts he sent Dicky out for, and he told us stories till it was nearly seven. His stories are first‐rate—he does all the parts in different voices. At last he said—
“Look here, young uns. I like to see you play and enjoy yourselves, and I don’t think it hurts Albert to enjoy himself too.”
“I don’t think he did much,” said H.O. But I knew what Albert‐nex Nike Outlet UK t‐door’s uncle meant because I am much older than H.O. He went on—
page: 108
“But what about Albert’s Mother? Didn’t you th nike air max classic ink how anxious she would be at his not coming home? As it happens I saw him come in with you, so we knew it was all right. But if I hadn’t, eh?”
He only talks like that whe nike air max n he is very serious, or even angry. Other times he talks like people in books—to us, I mean.
We none of us said anything. But I was thinking. Then Alice spoke.
Girls seem not to mind saying things that we don’t say. She put her arms round Albert‐next‐door’s uncle’s neck and said—
“We’re very, very sorry. We didn’t think about his Mother. You see we try very hard not to think about other people’s Mothers because—”
Just then we heard Father’s key in the door and Albert‐next‐door’s uncle kissed Alice and put her down, and we all went down to meet Father. As we went I thought I heard Albert‐next‐door’s uncle say something that sounded like “Poor little beggars!”
He couldn’t have meant us, when we’d been having such a jolly time, and chestnuts, and fireworks to look forward to after dinner and everything!
Chapter 8 Being Nike Outlet Editors
IT was Albert’s uncle who thought of our trying a newspa nike air max 90 sale per. He said he thought we should not find the bandit business a paying industry, as a permanency, and that journalism might be.
We had sold No?l’s poetry and that piece of information about Lord Tottenham to the good editor, so we thought it would not be a bad idea to have a newspaper of our own. We saw plainly that editors must be very rich and powerful, because of the grand office and the man in the glass case, like a museum, and the soft carpets and big wr nike air max 90 iting‐table. Besides our having seen a whole handful of money that the editor pulled out quite carelessly from his trousers pocket when he gave me my five bob.
Dora wanted to be editor and so did Oswald, page: 112 but he gave way to her because she is a girl, and afterwards he knew that it is true nike air max 95 what it says in the copy‐books about Virtue being its own Reward. Because you’ve no idea what a bother it is. Everybody wanted to put in nike air max 1 everything just as they liked, no matter how much room there was on the page. It was simply awful! Dora put up with it as long as she could and then she said if she wasn’t let alone she wouldn’t go on being editor; they could be the paper’s editors themselves, so there.
Then Oswald said, like a good brother: “I will help you if you like, Dora,” and she said, “You’re more trouble than all the rest of them! Come and be editor and see how you like it. I give it up to you.” But she didn’t, and we cheap nike air max did it together. We let Albert‐next‐door be sub‐editor, because he had hurt his foot with a nail in his boot that gathered.
When it was done Albert‐next‐door’s uncle had it copied for us in typ nike air max sale ewriting, and we sent copies to all our friends, and then of course there was no one left that we could ask to buy it. We did not think of that until too late. We called the paper the Lewisham Recorder; Lewisham because we live there, and Recorder in memory of the good editor. page: 113 I could write a better paper on my head, but an editor is not allowed to write all the paper. It is very hard, but he is not. You just have to fill up with what you can get from other writers. If I ever have time I will write a paper all by myself. It won’t be patchy. We had no time to make it an illustrated paper, but I drew the ship going down with all hands for the first copy. But the typewriter can’t draw ships, so it was left out in the other copies. The time the first paper took to write out no one would believe! This was the New spaper:—

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