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“Then follow me,” he said, and led the way to a bench. We all followed, and Pincher too, with his tail between his legs—he knew something was wrong. Then Lord Tottenham sat down, and he made Oswal exclusive blazers d and Dicky and H.O. stand in front of him, but he let Alice and No?l sit down. And he said—
“You set your dog on me, and you tried to make me believe you were saving me from it. And you would have taken my half‐sovereign. Such conduct is most— No—you shall tell me what it is, sir, and speak the truth.”
So I had to say it was most ungentlemanly, but I said I hadn’t been going to take the half‐sovereign.
“Then what did you do it for?” he asked. “The truth, mind.”
So I said, “I see now it was very silly, and Dora said it was wrong, but it didn’t seem so till w nike blazers high e did it. We wanted to restore the fallen fortunes of our house, and in the books if you rescue an old gentleman from deadly peril, he brings you up as his own son—or if you prefer to be your Father’s son, he starts you in business, so that you end in wealthy affluen nike blazers jd ce; and there wasn’t any deadly peril, page: 163 so we made Pincher into one—and so—” I was so ashamed I couldn’t go on, for it did seem an awfully mean thing. Lord Tottenham said—
“A very nice way to make your fortune—by deceit and trickery. I have a horror of dogs. If I’d been a weak man the shock might have killed me. What do you think of yourselves, eh?”
We were all crying except Oswald, and the others say he was; and Lord Tottenham went on—
“Well, well, I see you’re sorry. Let this be a lesson to you; and we’ll say no more about it. I’m an old man now, but I was young once.”
Then Alice slid along the bench close to him, and put her hand on his arm: her finge rs were pink through the holes in her woolly gloves, and said, “I think you’re very good to forgive us, and we are really very, very sorry. But we wanted to be like the children in the books—only we never have th nike blazers footlocker e chances they have. Everything they do turns out all right. But we are sorry, very, very. And I know Oswald wasn’t going to take the half‐sovereign. Directly you said that about a tip from an old boy I began to feel bad inside, and I page: 164 whispered to H.O. that I wished we hadn’t.”
Then Lord Tottenham stood up, and he looked like the Death of Nelson, for he is clean shaved and it is a good face, and he said—
“Always remember never to do a dishonourable thing, for money or for anything else in the world.”
And we promised we would remember. Then he took off his hat, and we took off ours, and he went away, and we went home. I never felt so cheap in all my life! Dora said, “I told you so,” but we didn’t mind even that so much, though it was indeed hard to bear. It was what Lord Tottenham had said about ungentlemanly. nike blazers office We didn’t go on to the Heath for a week after that; but at last we all went, and we waited for him by the bench. When he came along Alice said, “Please, Lord Tottenham, we have not been on the Heath for a week, to be a punishment because you let us off. And we have brought you a present each if you will take them to show you are willing to make it up.”
He sat down on the bench, and we gave him our presents. Oswald nike blazers cheap gave him a sixpenny compass—he bought it with my own money on purpose to give him. Oswald always buys page: 165 useful presents. The needle would not move after I’d had it a day or two, but Lord Tottenham used to be an admiral, so he will be able to make that go all right. Alice had made him a shaving‐case, with a rose worked on it. And H.O. gave him his kn cheap nike blazers ife—the same one he once cut all the buttons off his best suit with. Dicky gave him his prize, “Naval Heroes,” because it was the best thing he had, and No?l gave him a piece of poetry he had made himself—
When sin and shame bow down the brow Then people feel just like we do now. We are so sorry with grief and pain We never will be so ungentlemanly again.
Lord Tottenham seemed very pleased. He thanked us, and talked to us for a bit, and when he said good‐bye he said—
“A nike blazers ll’s fair weather now, mates,” and shook hands.
And whenever we meet him he nods to us, and if the girls are with us he takes off his hat, so he can’t really be g nike blazers sneakers oing on thinking us ungentlemanly now.
Chapter 11 Castilian Amoroso
ONE day when we suddenly found that we had half a crown we decided that we really ought to try Dicky’s way of restoring our fallen fortunes while yet the deed was in our power. Because it might easily have happened to us never to have half a crown again. So we decided to dally no longer with being journalists and bandits and things like them, but to send for sample and nike blazers 2010 instructions how to earn two pounds a week each in our spare time. We had seen the advertisement in the paper, and we had always wanted to do it, but we had never had the money to spare before, somehow. The advertisement says: “Any lady or gentleman can easily earn two pounds a week in their spare time. Sample and instructions, two page: 170 shillings. Packed free from observation.” A good deal of the half‐crown was Dora’s. It came from her godmother; but she said she would not mind letting Dicky have it if he would pay her back before Christmas, and if we were sure it was right to try to make our fortune that way. Of course that was quite easy, because out of two pounds a week in your spare time you can easily pay all your debts, and have almost as much left as you began with; and as to the right we told her to dry up.
Dicky had always thought that this was really the bes nike blazers kids t way to restore our fallen fortunes, and we were glad that now he had a chance of trying because of course we wanted the two pounds a week each, and besides, we were rather tired of Dicky’s always saying when our ways didn’t turn out well, “Why don’t you try the sample and instructions about our spare time?”
When we found out about our half‐crown we got the paper. No?l was playing admirals in it, but he had made the cocked hat without tearing the paper, and we found the advertisement, and it said just the same as ever. So we got a two‐shilling postal order and a stamp, and what was left of the money it was agreed page: 171 we would spend in ginger‐beer to drink success to trade.
We got some nice paper out of Father’s study, and Dicky wrote the letter, and we put in the money and put on the stamp, and made H.O. post it. Then we drank the ginger‐beer, and then we waited for the sample and instructions. It seemed a long time nike blazers coming, and the postman got quite tired of us running out and stopping him in the street to ask if it had come.
But on the third morning it came. It was quite a large parcel, and it was packed, as the advertisement said it would be, “free from observation.” That means it was in a box; and inside the box was some stiff browny cardboard, crinkled like the galvanized iron on the tops of chicken‐houses, and inside that was a lot of paper, some of it printed and some scrappy, and in the very middle of it all a bottle, not very large, and black, and sealed on the top of the cork with yellow sealing‐wax.
We looked at it as it lay on the nursery table, and while all the others grabbed at the papers to see what the printing said, Oswald went to look for the corkscrew, so as to see what was inside the bottle. He found the page: 172 corkscrew in the dresser drawer—it always gets there, though it is supposed to be in the sideboard drawer in the dining‐room—and when he got back the others had read most of the printed papers.
“I don’t thi nike blazers sale nk it’s much good, and I don’t think it’s quite nice to sell wine,” Dora said “and besides, it’s not easy to suddenly begin to sell things when you aren’t used to it.”
“I don’t know,” said Alice; “I believe I could.” ③

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