mHow To Make Your Lecture Interactive

sically printing copies of hand outs can be very time consuming,Foamposites, uneconomical and it’s not a very environmentally friendly way of ensuring your students get access to all the resources and information they’re going to need,Cheap Foamposites, having links in your lecture notes displayed on a screen (either to an external website or to an internal page on your schools own intranet) means your students can access the information in their own way in their own time,Foamposites For Sale, if these notes are projected onto a screen in your lecture theatre or onto an interactive white board, it’s very simple for your students to simply make a note of where the information is stored.

Studies have shown students are more likely to understand and remember the lecture if there’s an interactive element to it,Lebron 10. With a standard lecture theatre easily holding a minimum of 100 students it,New Jordans 2013?s almost impossible to involve them all,Jordan retro 5, especially as you’ll often get the same few students eager to offer answers to your questions while the others just take their notes, it’s impossible to conduct a debate in every lecture and get every student involved so you’ll need another way to encourage active participation and get them to engage.

You also have the problem of making sure none of your students get left behind,Nike Lebron 10, those who aren’t as confident to raise their hand when they don’t understand will struggle to digest the rest of the lecture,Lebron James Shoes, what if they’re not the only student confused by a subject you’ve just raised? All of a sudden, you’ve got a dozen or so students who need clarification and you’re unaware of it. now you’re faced with not only having to interactively engage with your lecturer theatre full of students but also you need to be psychic and know if any of your students are struggling to keep up, if just one student doesn?t understand a point is it time efficient for you to have to go back over it whilst the rest of the room doesn?t have a problem?

Several schools have started to introduce an interactive voting system; each student has the ability to ? ‘vote’ on whether they’ve understood a particular subject, the lecturer can ask a question, and can see at a glance what percentage of the room understood the previous topic. If you can see that only 65% of your student got the answer right you know that 35% didn’t fully understand which would mean it’s in their interest and yours to quickly go through the main points again, if you can see that only one or two got the answer wrong it may be easier to speak to them at the end of the lecture rather than going over a topic the rest of the room understood. This university technology will also ensure all the students are actively participating in the lecture, so no one is going to be having a quick snooze at the back of the room.

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