Women and Stress Six Steps to Free You From It’s

morning begins,Air Jordan 5, innocently enough, perhaps the sun is shinning. You may not be as rested as you’d like,Jordan 5,Nike Running Shoes,Jordan 5, but, with a little coffee, you’ll make it through the day just fine. And then it starts. Your older child refuses to get out of bed,Kobe 8. The coffee maker overflows onto the floor. Your husband had to leave for work early, leaving you to handle the baby and make the lunches and get the kids off to school. Just then, the baby starts screeming. She’s broken out in an unexplained rash,Nike Air Max. You’ll have to call in sick for the third time this month. To add insult to injury, on the way to the doctor’s office, there’s an unbelievable traffic jam.

Like a Boa Constrictor, it creeps up slowly but steadily. Wrapping itself around your body,http://www.nikefreerunget.com, it begins to squeeze harder and harder until you feel you’ll pop! Stress feels like that sometimes. One stressful moment is added to the next until, before long,Nike Free Run, you feel so constricted by the pressure, you completely lose control,http://www.cheaplebron10sneakers.com. Before you know it,Nike KD V Elite+,Jordan Retro 5, you’re yelling, or saying things you don’t mean,New Jordans, or clutching a glass until it breaks, or driving unsafely.

“Well everyone has stress,” you rationalize “that’s just part of life,http://www.newjordanretro5.com/.” That maybe true. But,Air Max For Sale, unless you learn to cope with stress and find your inner “release valve” your mental and physical health will be seriously undermined,Air Max 2013. The National Women’s Health Information Center reports that “…stress triggers changes in our bodies and make us more likely to get sick.” It can also make existing conditions worse, including: sleeping disorders, headaches, intestinal irregularity, eating disorders, asthma, skin problems, infertility,Kobe 8 System Elite, anxiety and depression,http://www.retro5online.org/, among other conditions.

Are women more prone to stress than men,Jordan 5 Grape? Well actually, research suggests that women have an advantage over men in that we have a “built-in hormonal stress barrier (oxytocin) that helps to calm us down in part by reducing the effects of the stress hormone, cortisol,Nike Free Run 3. It all works great when our systems are working in optimum order. However, this hormone can be interfered with by other hormonal fluctuations such as our menstral cycle, menopause,Lebron 10, certain medications,http://www.kobe8kicks.com, and other factors,www.airmaxforsales2013.com/,Grape 5s, rendering the calming hormone ineffective.

We apparently have another advantage on our side,KD V Elite. According to the most recent research, women have very different methods for coping with stress than men. Studies done at UCLA by Shelley Taylor,Lebron James Shoes, PhD and colleagues,Nike Lebron 10, suggest that the “fight-or-flight” response to stress is more common among men than women. Taylor posits that women, through evolutionary necessity, became the primary caregivers and that this fact has caused us to develop more of a “tend-and-befriend” response to stress. That hormone, oxytocin, again comes into play as it promotes the female behaviors of caring and nurturing babies and children. As for the “befriending” aspect of the equation, Taylor’s research (and probably your own as well) suggests that females seek out social support when stressed.

These two responses, “tending and befriending” can, in a perfect world, help prevent us from experiencing the ill effects of stress. Indeed, holding our baby and staring in her little eyes while she coos is a very rewarding and relaxing activity (I’ll bet just thinking about it puts a smile on your face.) Equally relaxing is having lunch and laughing with a best friend who is honestly supportive and thinks the world of us. But, what if the source of a woman’s stress is her screaming baby, or her defiant teenage daughter? And what if the friend we go to for support brings us down even further by blaming, complaining, admonishing us, or just being generally negative?

Can we women find a way to uncoil the boa constrictor of stress that threatens to choke off our very life? Yes, we can. And we must.

And, while we’d all like to have regular spa vacation retreats (or even a day at the spa) unfortunately, that’s not always possible. Also, we want to be

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