Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment
February 2, 2008

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve, which runs from the forearm into the hand, becomes pressed or squeezed at the wrist. The median nerve controls sensations to the palm side of the thumb and fingers (although not the little finger), as well as impulses to some small muscles in the hand that allow the fingers and thumb to move.

Experts call carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) the leading occupational hazard of the computer age. But you don’t have to spend your days pounding on a keyboard to develop this condition.When you repeatedly move your fingers in the same pattern for hours on end Cheap Foamposites, the tendons that connect your finger muscles to your wrist bones get irritated and inflamed. In turn, the ligaments that connect your wrist bones swell. The swollen tissues make for very tight accommodations inside the carpal tunnel grape 5s 2013, the channel deep inside your wrist where your finger tendons and wrist ligaments come together michael kors handbags outlet.Within the narrow confines of that channel, the tissues press on an important and highly sensitive set of nerve fib ers called the median nerve. The median nerve controls sensation and movement in your hand. When the nerve is under pressure, you experience tingling, burning, or numbness in your hand-the classic symptoms of CTS.Though computers are rightly blamed for the majority of CTS cases, the condition can result from any activity that involves constant Nike Foamposite, repetitive motion Even if you’re not married to a keyboard all day, you might begin to experience CTS symptoms if you do things like knitting grape 5s, hammering, playing tennis or racquetball, or playing a musical instrument. CTS is also associated with tasks that deliver a steady vibration to the wrist, such as operating a jackhammer or other power tools grape 5s. Another cause not commonly known is the repeated flexing of the wrist during sleep jordan retro 1.CTS can be aggravated by health problems that have nothing whatever to do with repetitive motion. For example, people with diabetes grape 5, rheumatoid arthritis, and thyroid problems sometimes develop classic CTS symptoms Gender plays a role, too: You have a greater risk of developing CTS if you’re a woman, because the condition is three times more common among women than among men. Female hormonal fluctuations during the menstrual cycle grape 5s for sale, pregnancy No Sleep Tonight-, and menopause make tissues inside the wrist swell more than usual, putting pressure on the median nerve. If pregnancy is behind the swelling, however, CTS symptoms may vanish after delivery, when hormone levels return to normal Foamposites.At first grapes 5, CTS may affect only the thumb and first three fingers of the hand. (The pinkie is spared because it isn’t controlled by the median nerve.) And sometimes it affects only the dominant hand, although more than half of all CTS cases involve both hands.If you ignore the initial symptoms and continue engaging in a repetitive task, you can end up with constant pain in your hand and arm. In the most severe cases, CTS can permanently damage the hands Retro Jordan 5,, making repetitive tasks like keyboarding impossible.Fortunately cne In Pregnancy- How To Deal With Skin, CTS never has to progress to such an advanced stage. With prompt intervention on your part-and a few of the remedies listed below-you can quickly get the upper hand on CTS symptoms knc0igss.

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