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http://sacvuittonfrance.webs.com/Even if they quite good at staying on their bicycles,chanel pas cher, small children are very vulnerable to being knocked off them,Chaussures Louis Vuitton. It only takes one wobble and they swerving close to the multiple wheels of a lorry,Lunettes Louis Vuitton, which is very unrelaxing for their parents to watch.

To avoid this exhausting anxiety we went bicycling along towpaths and a network of disused railway tracks in Pays de la Loire region in western France. France voies vertes, or green ways, are an amazing state creation.

In the past five years, hundreds of kilometres of former rural railway tracks have been covered with asphalt to create paths through woodland and countryside. They are so beautifully smooth and flat that around the town of La Fleche, I saw people embarking on a 60km route on roller skates, and some of the routes are wheelchair-friendly.

The smoothness of the tracks allowed our children, aged seven and eight, to ride ahead at speed, stopping only at the occasional road or because they had spotted an interestingly hairy caterpillar or unusually large slug in the grass.

One day we cycled around 40km without any real difficulty, leaving La Fleche in the morning and arriving at the beautiful Chateau La Lude for lunch.

The railway tracks don run through dramatic scenery, but the landscape of cornfields and forests is lovely, and the route is punctuated by former level-crossing houses and railway stations that have been converted into pretty holiday homes, where we stayed at night.

There was the occasional moment of protest from the children when tears popped into their eyes at the idea of getting on the bikes, and they proposed staying in the hotel room and watching cartoons in French,8Mar a family cycling holiday in France 1039. But most of the time they enjoyed it.

As we dismounted on the last day, there was a note of regret from the children. was actually quite enjoying it, said 7-year-old William. © Guardian Newspapers Limited, 2013http://sacvuitton2013.webs.com/

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